The Pokemon League Season 4 - Winner Gets a Lansat Berry!

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@jjor64: The moves that we rules out are specifically moves that raise your evasion stat. So no moves like Double Team or Minimize. Protect and Substitute are a-ok.

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Congrats, @jinx1!

Do you guys want any specific rule changes/bans/whatever for the next season? Also, it seems like I can't edit the original post, anyone know what's up with that?

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Do we have any desire at all to try out Smogon tiers? I've been enjoying myself in the UU tier lately. Additionally, I think it would be fun to play with some pokebank legendaries within reason. Lastly, did you guys see that Genesect and Lucarionite are now considered "uber" by Smogon. Maybe we remove Mega Lucario from teams since we pretty much adhere to no Mega Kangaskan, Mega Gengar, or Mega Blaziken.

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@fragor87: I think you're gonna find a lot of resistance to Smogon tiers here. We've been pretty against restrictions that they come up with and it's worked pretty well so far. Unless people suddenly want to start to adhere to strict rulesets, I'm personally against it. We didn't actually ban use of Mega-Khan, Gengar, and Blaziken, no one seems to use them. People have used them in the past, but no one had a problem dealing with them. Whether or not Lucario is broken or not is up to everyone else, since I have never dealt with one.

Plus, cookie cutter teams are no fun.

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Personally I prefer not to use Smogon tiers. I also use Mega Lucario though, so I'm biased. As far as rule changes go I think we've got pretty solid ones right now. The only thing that comes to mind is trying to implement something for those time outs.

Now that the bank is officially launched the next tournament should be pretty interesting, though after that one I think it would be best if we started changing things up more between seasons. I'd like to do an anything goes tournament sometime.

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Ok, so preliminary discussion is steering clear of new restrictions. If no one objects we will proceed with the next season in a day or two.

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My main question is should we be allowed to use Pokebank legendaries that are legal on rated battle spot? This would include Pokemon such as Heatran, the Kami trio, etc. or are we going to stick with the current policy?

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I would be happy for people to use bank legendaries legal on battle spot.

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I still support the blanket legendary ban. Particularly the genies. I feel like if we allowed legendaries, then just about every team would have legendaries. That's boring to me. In the future I'd like to do a tournament where we can use them all though.

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I think it would be cool to use the legal legendaries, but the reason I don't use them anyway is because none of mine have anywhere near perfect stats. It's incredibly easy to breed perfect stats to any pokemon, but legendaries are still the luck of the draw. So to me it seems unfair if two people are using the same legendary, but one person got a better IV roll on theirs or hacked perfect IV's and transferred it up, and they just win simply by having the superior one. I don't know, I'm probably gonna end up sitting the next tournament out so you guys can feel free to ignore me if you disagree.

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So which legendaries do they consider legal? I'm having trouble finding a list.

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I'm of the opinion that legendaries should be a part of a themed tournament, and banned in general. As a spectator, I just want to see a lot of team diversity (unless, again there is a specific theme).

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@hunter5024: I don't think there is a specific list but an easy way to test is to try and take the legendary onto rated battle spot and see if it's banned or not.

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We're gonna open up registration for the new season this weekend. Get hype!

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I think a blanket no legionaries rule is good although I will probably be eliminated just as quickly either way.

Also I think allowing any legionary in a future season would be fun. I want to be able to let my Xerneas run wild and battle (and probably lose) to other legends.

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Yeah, it does seem kind of weird. Especially since some of the unbanned ones are a lot stronger than non legendaries. Also, I'm pretty sure the Battle Tower style places allow Latios and Latias, but not Soul Dew. I've never tried it, but that's what I heard, I think.

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