Was I the only one Disappointed by the Graphics?

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Wish I had some screens..... Soooo I'm just gonna pick the last answer

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They're not that bad but I can see room for improvement with subsequent releases.

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Yup lets start judging a game thats all most a year away from release. 

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3DS games never look good blown up and zoomed in.

Unless you mean the art style/stylistically? I think it looks great.

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So far I definitely don't think it's a good looking game, but it's good looking for a Pokemon game. I will withhold further judgement until the game is actually released, actually seeing it on the 3DS screen will probably look better than a youtube video of it.

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When you looks at games like Resident Evil Revelations and the redone Ocarina of Time you realise what they could do. I mean why not make it a big open 3D world like Ocarina? Why confine it to four directions on flat land ... the worlds themselves need serious work in Pokemon. Fuck adding new ones, work on making the cities, cave, forests and grassy fields feel alive.

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I'm disappointed, since Pokemon sprites have always been fantastic.

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It looks like it's straight out of a SNES cart with those mode 7 looking graphics, given the power of the 3DS they could' have done better but what was I expecting from the company that hasn't changed the look of Pokemon on a handheld since Pokemon Silver/Gold.

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@BeachThunder said:

I'm disappointed, since Pokemon sprites have always been fantastic.

I disagree. I love sprites more than most, and I don't particularly like that almost every game is in 3D, but Pokemon had pretty terrible sprites. Ruby and Sapphire were just slight tweaks of Gold and Silver sprites with some GBA color, and the ones in Black and White were much blockier than a DS game needed to be.

Said the guy with an edited Pokemon sprite for his avatar. But still.

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Yes, the only one in the world.

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3DS Games usually look worse on videos/photos than they do on the 3DS. Mario Kart 7 was a prime example of that.

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I think that the in-battle 3D models look really nice, not sold on the rest of the battle presentation but I've seen little of it so far. The out of battle stuff looks potentially a bit flat and they seem to still be using a grid system for movement which gives all the environments kind of a weirdly angular, if distinctly Pokemon, look. I had kind of been hoping that they would move away from that.

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I actually really dig the battle graphics. They're reminiscent of sprites, but are clearly 3D models. They look miles beyond... what was the last "Stadium" type game? Battle Revolution? Yeah, I think it looks better than that. It's the over-world stuff that hasn't sold me yet. I mean, it's not top-down, so it kinda freaks me out...

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@Sackmanjones: Forget it. Duder replied to you.

On topic, yes, they could and should be better. but I don't care because I don't own a 3DS so I can't play it anyways.

So B.

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I just hope I can customize the look of my guy.

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@supermonkey122 said:

Yes, the only one in the world.

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I've been disappointed with Pokemon's presentational aspects since Pokemon has existed.

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I've always really liked the 2D-ness of the Pokemon series, but aside from just being an inevitability, I frankly think this had to happen, and it may as well happen as the first mainline Pokemon game of the 3DS. The 2D artwork was great, but, it's really time to move on, there's only so much you can do with that after, what, 15 years?

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I think it looks way better than anything they've done before, and the in-battle scenes look superb.

But like @TooWalrus: said, the fact that it's not top-down like every other one is throwing me for the biggest loop as far as the presentation in concerned.

I'm kind of excited for it though, which is surprising because Black/White killed all of my interest in the series. Especially after going nuts and collecting most pokemon except for legendaries in SoulSilver.

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I was a little surprised by how low-res the overworld looks, but it's not a big deal. They make a note of saying on the website that the screenshots are of a game that's a work-in-progress.

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I think it's interesting to see them try and do the 3D effects in a "real" Pokemon game (excluding some of the atrocious Gamecube/N64 games). They could do a lot worse I feel. The 2D does still look great, but I think that the new 3D visuals accent the new Pokemon better than it would for some of the earlier generations. I mean, everyone by now knows they started getting a little bonkers with the design, and frankly I hated the way they were looking.

With the new visual style I don't mind the new Pokemon designs and such (so far at least).

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I hate the chibi avatar it is giving me vibes of the Gamecube games that had the worst art style ever for the people. I really hope they change it

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Dude, Pokémon games were never about graphics.

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Every game for the 3DS I own looked terrible in the previews, but amazing on the small screen itself. I'll judge when I have played it or demo'd.

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I don't know. I'm still in shock that it's finally 3D.

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This is just a stupid topic, the game isnt out for a year, the video has been blown up far beyond the resolution of the 3DS and just isnt properly representative. Pointless poll, pointless thread.

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For a preview of how all the Pokemon will look ingame, just check out that free Pokedex app that they put out for the 3DS.

It seems like this game is why they put so much effort modelling every single Pokemon

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Where is the "It's a 3DS game, what were you expecting?" option?

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I don't know if this game is it. But I'm still waiting for my true sequel to Red and Blue. What I mean by that is a real "next generation" Pokemon game. I played all the game till Platinum and fell off the Pokewagon because I felt the Zelda effect of just playing the same goddamn game over and over.

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If you're old enough to care about graphics you're too old for Pokemon.

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I like the look of the battles but the world stuff just doesn't look that great to me. Then again there wasn't much of it in the trailer so maybe it will look okay after I've seen more

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I think the Pokemon models in the battles look great, the cell-shading really works.

It's not the best looking game ever, but you're looking at blown up shots of a 3DS game, so of course it's going to look rough. The game also needs a lot of data for the amount of moves, Pokemon, etc, too. I'm very happy with what we've seen, it looks more along the lines of how I've always imagined the games should look.

@EpicSteve: Black and White was probably that game. Although it still primarily used sprites, a lot of the overworld models were in 3D, Pokemon were animated through out the entire battle and only being able to capture the 150 new Pokemon made it feel much closer to the original games than any of the others had. If you were worn out on Pokemon by Diamond and Pearl, I'm not sure it would have won you over though. This new one is at least graphically a next gen Pokemon game.

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It's Pokémon...I don't really expect much, to be quite honest.

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@TooWalrus: That was how I was feeling too.

@Brendan:@supermonkey122 said:

Yes, the only one in the world.

Obviously not... X_X

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

Every game for the 3DS I own looked terrible in the previews, but amazing on the small screen itself. I'll judge when I have played it or demo'd.

Exactly, 3DS games never look good in these previews...so you can't judge how it looks based on this.

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The old game boy graphics were the best, ds just ruined that shit.

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@Vextroid said:

3DS games never look good blown up and zoomed in.

Unless you mean the art style/stylistically? I think it looks great.

This, blow up any 3DS and it'll look like as. By the same token, the battle cinematics still look way better than the out of battle stuff so I'm guessing that it'll look amazing on a 3DS screen.

The real reason why this is such a big deal though? 3D POKEMON. FUCKING FINALLY.

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I think it looks pretty nice, those 3D battles are a gigantic step up. Let's just be thankful it's not like the GBC/GBA --> DS situation where they basically changed nothing. (well, for the majority of its lifespan anyways)

Excited to play this, I hope it has some neat multiplayer features (It has to have some good streetpass stuff!) because I'm certain they'll be some Pokefever at my university when this hits.

Also necropost.

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It looks like it's straight out of a SNES cart with those mode 7 looking graphics

Yeah, and the Genesis could easily top these graphics with its blast processing and 32x addon.

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This looks like exactly the game to start convincing grown men that they're grown men and can stop playing Pokemon now.

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Having seen it running on my 3DS, I am actually really impressed with the art style. The 3D battles are looking really great.

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Gonna go ahead and lock this thread down since it's a busted poll based primarily on outdated info.


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