Which Pokemon are you planning to start with?

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Posted by DarthOrange (4131 posts) 1 year, 10 months ago

Poll: Which Pokemon are you planning to start with? (284 votes)

Chespin 17%
Fennekin 27%
Froakie 38%
I care about Pokemon but I care enough to see the results. 8%

#51 Edited by JackSukeru (6160 posts) -

I was totally right to pick Froakie all that month and 5 days ago, best final form since...I dunno, Blastoise. Though I've never been too fond of the final forms of any of the starters.

Aaand I'll be bringing my old pal Bulbasaur along for the ride too, this is gonna be great.

#52 Posted by Philedius (214 posts) -

The fact that Froakie doesn't have 100% of the votes astounds me. Just look at him, he's adorable!

#53 Posted by kerse (2198 posts) -

I ALWAYS pick the fire starter, but man you can get charmander right at the beginning in this game i hear, so I may finally break that streak with the frog. I suppose I could always get a blastoise as well, or just have like 2 fire types on my team.

#54 Posted by brownsfantb (426 posts) -

I'm going with Fennekin because I have to take Squirtle so that rules out Froakie. Of the other two, Fennekin is definitely the best.

#55 Posted by Xeiphyer (5684 posts) -

Fennekin I guess, their 3rd forms look TERRIBLE though, so probably getting boxed asap.

#56 Posted by CountBolkonsky (68 posts) -

Froakie! An adorable little frog, how could I not choose that?

#57 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12967 posts) -

In order to support the fact that they're finally having a fire starter that doesn't evolve into Fire/Fighting after 3 generations, I would theoretically pick Fennekin if I were to ever play this game.

#58 Posted by Flappy (2407 posts) -

@xeiphyer said:

Fennekin I guess, their 3rd forms look TERRIBLE though, so probably getting boxed asap.

As a dude that has spoiled his starter since 1998, it always pains me to read this sort of thing. They're supposed to be your best friend for life, man!

There are feelings beneath all those pixels. Delphox doesn't look that bad!

#59 Posted by Hunter5024 (6445 posts) -

When they revealed the secondary forms I was leaning a little bit towards Fennekin, but now I'm back on Team Froakie. Delphox was disappointing, although he has a badass type. The only reason I could see myself changing my mind is if there are no cool new fire types, and abundance of cool water types. Then I'd rather roll with Fennekin and grab one of the new waters.

Also fuck grass. Terrible type.

#60 Posted by VoodooTatum (79 posts) -
#61 Edited by TruthTellah (9665 posts) -

Froakie is cool and all, but I'm still #TEAMFENNEKIN all the way. Cute -and- smart? That's a combination I can get behind.

I know how I'm gonna be rollin.


#62 Edited by Nights (638 posts) -

I was pretty set on Fennekin (Fire/Physic, yes please), but now I'm not so sure. I like its style/theme, but the fact that you can choose one of the original starters early on has complicated my decision. Charmander was my bud back in the day so I'll pick him up (Mega Charizard X is too rad), and I'm not sure if I want two fire types right off the bat. I suppose it doesn't really matter. Now that I've seen Froakie's final form it's a toss up. He's a ninja that uses his tongue as a scarf. At least I've got a few days to decide.

#63 Posted by SMTDante89 (2759 posts) -

I've been leaning towards Fennekin for a while, and I'm sticking with that decision. I'll also be picking up Squirtle since that was my first starter way back in the Red/Blue days.

#64 Posted by probablytuna (4267 posts) -

Probably gonna go Chespin cause I'm gonna have Charmander as my other starter.

#65 Posted by Pessh (2505 posts) -

Greninja is the only final evolution I like so I guess Froakie, or maybe Chespin and I'll just keep it as a Quilladin.

#66 Posted by Galiant (2219 posts) -

I've decided on Froakie. It was between Froakie or Chespin. Never even considered Fennekin.

#67 Edited by Akyho (1834 posts) -

To help illustrate my choices and how

Gen 1: I had trouble getting past Brock with Charmander I restarted and picked Squirtle, another playthrough I picked Bulbasaur, a third playthrough I used Charmander. To this day I wish I picked Charmander first.

Gen 2: I picked Totodile since he is a freaking Dinosaur Crocodile thing! Cyndaquil is good too and Chikorita isn't bad.

Gen 3: This is where things get into what's going to jade my opinion and become negative mostly. I chose Treecko....because I looked at Torchic and Mudkip and simply said "no...those are now what I want....this is the least stupid and he is a geeko." Turns out Treecko went and became more awesome through evolutions and jived perfectly with me. Mudkip and Torchic...whoah they got even worse through evolutions. nope hate them.

Gen 4: I looked and went "Chimchar look stupid, Piplup....no. Maybe Turtwig? Know what ITS A FUCKING FIRE MONKEY! HOW CAN I LOSE!! I was right the evolutions made it more badass. The others whoa nope....nah..not as bad as Torchic and Mudkip but never popped for me.

Gen 5: I skipped this Black and white never grabbed me and I think one reason why is this....... Snivy,Tepig,Oshawott all look stupid to me. Their evolutions do not change my opinion and a lot of the new pokemon in that gen did it for me, I didnt like anything and I just didn't buy it.

Same with Black and White 2.

Now comes this Gen 6: I was dead set on buying this one and I am more excited to do so the closer to release. I looked at the starter pokemon and my ruling goes "Chespin looks stupid. Maybe Ill go Finnikin...Froaky looks stupid." my opinion has changed since first seeing them.

After seeing their second evolutions and the fact I get to pick Charmander again as well made me go "Chespin looks STUUUUUPID! Whoa...I am not keen on that human like witch fox thing. Froaky becomes a bad ass ninja frog and its water complimenting my Charmander. Boom don shut up I am getting this game and I do not think i will be displeased."

So Froaky all the way.

Add edinfo, X and Y have different stuff which sent me in a bit of a panic as to "which one". I have had a long time of picking the "wrong" one. E,g I picked Red....finds out Scyther is in blue, I REALY REALY REALY REALY want Scyther but I always end up with picking the versions that don't have him or similar pokemon I really want aren't in my version.

I ended up with X since I had done no research and pre ordered it with what first came out of my mouth. I do not like the X legendary pokemon in Y looks cooler. However I did this with past pokemon and get screwed on exclusive pokemon, besides legendary dosnt come into play till late late game so I wont see if for ages and then it can end up being boxed anyways.

X gets exclusively a cool looking lobster pokemon so I am all over that. Y gets two terrible looking ones (revealed so far).

So that was a panic, then the new Mega Evolutions come out and show off Charizard X and Mewtwo X. With both being nicer to me than the other versions in some ways. So this jives with me aswell.

So I am all set up on what version and what starter pokemon.

As you see...way too much effort into Pokemon X and Y already.

#68 Posted by Ennosuke (63 posts) -

At first I thought it will be Fennekin, because I always chose the fire starter. But then I heard, that you could get charmander later in the game, which is my favourite pokemon! So now I think I gonna chose Froakie.

#69 Posted by ch3burashka (5661 posts) -

That quotation mark is why you use caps lock, not shift key.


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#70 Posted by Driadon (3088 posts) -

Froakie looks the most interesting, likely will go with that. I also haven't started with a water Pokemon in quite some time.

#71 Posted by DystopiaX (5387 posts) -
#72 Posted by illmatic19 (971 posts) -

Fennekin looks like the better starter form, but it's final evolution looks dumb as hell. Probably going for Froakie.

The last time I went with any grass type starter was with Pokemon Blue.

#73 Posted by RioStarwind (705 posts) -

Fennekin since how can you say no to a cute fox like Pokemon. Which is certainly a odd thing for me to do since I almost always go with the water type Pokemon.

#74 Posted by RavenousJoker (51 posts) -

I will most likely start with Froakie.

#75 Posted by Xeirus (1496 posts) -

I've been on an emotional rollarcoaster with Froakie.
I loved squirtle so much in the original, I've never been big on water types, but it's always what I lean to for my first pick.

Having skipped every game after red I have missed almost every gen of new pokemon, so I'm not too fond of the new ones looks. But seeing everyone talk about it I think I'll give Froakie a break and give him a chance.

(way too much thought has went into this for someone my age)

#76 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

Froakie is the only one that gets better with evolution imo. All of the base forms look good to me, but, yeah, those evolutions aren't so hot. Delphox is particularly terrible looking.

#77 Edited by RavenousJoker (51 posts) -

I almost backed out of my original pick of Froakie but I ended up sticking to it.

#78 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

I'll never stop loving Grass starters and dumping them in a PC Box 30 levels later, the only fully evolved one I liked was Sceptile. Always with the spores, solar beams and leech seeds. Leaf Blade was neat.

#79 Posted by project343 (2884 posts) -

Froakie evolves into a frog ninja (Water/Dark type). There is no other option.

#80 Posted by Jollus (35 posts) -

Used Bulbasaur in Red, probably going with Chespin in X/Y.

#81 Posted by kishinfoulux (2883 posts) -

The starters are pretty lame honestly. Only going with Froakie because he becomes a god damn ninja frog for his final evolution.

#82 Edited by Jollus (35 posts) -

I think Chesnaught is a pretty good looking Pokemon. Also Quilladin looks like he hollowed out a pikachu and is wearing its skin.

#83 Posted by overnow (439 posts) -

Went with Chespin because I wanted to take Squirtle as my gen 1 starter and I had the mystery gift Torchic. I was completely torn upon first reveal and this is basically the only reason I picked Chespin.

#84 Posted by Capum15 (5156 posts) -

Man, I'm going to spend like an hour to decide when I get the game.

Either Chespin / Froakie and Charmander / Bulbasaur.

Wish you could choose any two starters...Mudkip and Turtwig are easily my favorites, and had pretty great evolutions (Water/Ground, Grass/Ground covered a lot of bases; also double Earthquake).

#85 Posted by Quid_Pro_Bono (599 posts) -

@jollus: You may not want to go Chespin. I did and think he's a rad Pokemon, but about the time I evolved him to Chesnaught I caught a Ferroseed in a cave, and now I'm thinking Ferrothorn is going to totally replace him. By contrast, I haven't found ANY decent water Pokes yet (took Charmander as my OG pick) so I'd say your best bet is probably Froakie.

#86 Edited by Salvationtwist (74 posts) -

always went with fire and always will go with fire!

#87 Edited by Darth Paul (133 posts) -

I usually always go with the grass type as most of the grass starters have always visually appealed to me, and I always pick my starters based on looks and some what on how well they'll do in the early parts of the games, and the grass ones usually are safe for that. The only time I went with anything other than a grass type was in Gold/Silver and the remakes where I went with Totodile because alligators are awesome. That said, this will be the second time that I pick a water starter as I'm going with Froakie as I have yet to have any interest in any fire starters, and that grass thing just sucks imho.

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