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Pokemon Y Review: A Mega-Evolution 0

Nintendo are responsible for many long standing and beloved series, and my personal favourite one is the Pokemon games, even over Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Pokemon is long running and is a series which has often stood accused of failing to change with the times, of being stale or lacking imagination. These claims have some truths behind them but Game Freak have refined the formula of a Pokemon game for years into satisfying and charming games that stay true to what makes them fun, and this...

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Pokémon X and Y Review 0

Abstract: The long-standing Pokémon series makes an honest attempt to reinvent itself with X and Y, and for the most part, it succeeds.Pros:All the RPG goodness you expect from the series and then someBeautiful new 3D appearance adds a new level of immersionGreat original music that harnesses the improved sound quality of the 3DSA multitude of new features, from trainer customization to Mega EvolutionsKalos is the most diverse region yet in terms of available PokémonCons:Mostly bla...

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Stuck In Its Ways 0

Stuck In Its Ways: Pokémon: X and YPokemon is a weird series: the plot is strange, the dialogue feels cybernetic, and the mechanics are outdated. And yet, its latest iterations, Pokémon X and Y prove that the core gameplay still works in 2013. The same skeleton remains in its latest iterations: a young boy or girl is ushered out into the obscure world of Pokémon to be “the best” by filling out a vast database (called a Pokédex) of monsters for a keen profe...

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It's time to go ahead and do what we've been doing since the Game Boy days 0

I've said countless times that a handheld is synonym of Pokemon. I don't believe only a few of us were completely hypnotized on how grand and unique Pokemon felt on Game Boy at that time. magazines telling you where you could capture certain Pokemon, where you could find items, it seemed too massive to be true. Fortunately Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow was everything we could hope for and more.Now every time Nintendo decides to launch a new handheld the big question is when Pokemon will come out...

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So close to a five star game, but it just missed the cut 0

Pokemon Y was a fun game and I enjoyed playing it. There are just a couple of reasons why I did not give it a 5 start rating.Pros:The 3D world is cool, and I liked it a lot.The new Pokemon are coolTrainer fights are funThere are a lot of places to find/fight wild PokemonThe story was interestingThe Mega Evolution was coolCons:The other trainers that you are paired with, are super annoyingThere needs to be a feature to turn off the tutorial, because being a Pokemon player, I don't need to learn ...

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Pokemon X 0

First of all, let me say this is my first Pokemon game since the original Blue, on my GameBoy Color... many, many years ago...That being said, I jumped to the game with some expectations about it. After all I had many memories of playing it in my youth and did not want to ruin all that. Graphically the game struck me very positively, it's a tottaly different experience to actually travel around Kalos is a 3D world, the details are very good and the design style retains that "Pokemon" feeling ext...

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