Best generation of Pokémon?

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I know this discussion has been going on for a LOOOONG time, but for me, it is definetly Gen 4.

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Anything but the original 151 are second class at best. Some of the first 100 they added past the first 151 are cool, but they got bad real quick.

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Gen 2 was fun as hell when it came out so it's my personal favorite. I skipped Gen 3 and got back into it at Gen 4, though I strongly prefer HG/SS over D/P. Gen 5 is also great with the faster battle speed and good story, though I got bored halfway through White 2 and haven't bothered finishing it yet.

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I like the first 2 gens. and i gave it gen2 considering i love me some pokemon gold. i will say Blazekin gets an honourable mention, but even though i am a fire type guy (Cyndaquil!!!), fralligator is a sick pokemon, one of the sickest around.

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Generation 2. They made vast improvements on the core formula, they added Pokemon that were still somewhat clever and creative, you could choose gender, systems like eggs and berries were introduced along with multiple Pokeballs, you got to face 16 Gym leaders and face the main character from the first generation game!! That last fight is still epic in my eyes.

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It's all about the Kanto region for me! As great the second generation was, I would never have been into Pokemon if it wasn't for the first 151.

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We're talking the actual Pokemon, and not the games right? Generation 1 hands down. Although I love Wooper and Quagsire. 

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Gen 2. I don't think Pokemon has gotten any better than that game. Going to Johto then being able to go back to Kanto was great but being able to essentially face off against the main character from the first game still remains as one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a game.

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whichever one it was that fought in WWII.

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Its really hard to pick between Gen 2 and Gen 1. I'll give it to Gen 2 though because Gold/Silver are awesome pokemon games.

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The original games are great, but gen 2 improved things a lot. Everything has felt pretty meh to me since.

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Generation 2. It added a lot to the games, and none of it was bad.

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Generation 1 is the only generation that matters.

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Strictly in terms of Pokemanz and not gameplay? Hrm......Gen 2 or 3 probably

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Gen 2 had Quagsire.

Case closed.

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I got deep into Gen 3.

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@EquitasInvictus said:

It's all about the Kanto region for me! As great the second generation was, I would never have been into Pokemon if it wasn't for the first 151.

Hell yeah it is!

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I would have to say generation 2. I got a good 300-400 hours on Silver, the game was so good. And it's one of the few games I actually would call an improvement to the series, the two maps and all.

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Oh man I had all 151 Pokemon on Red\Blue, how many are there now?

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Gen. 1 had the better Pokemon, but I like Gen. 2 a lot more.

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lol who the fuck said Gen. 5?

That's like the worst gen ever. Even the starters were unlikable.

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Fuck any Pokemon past 151!

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OG 150.

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Up to 2nd generation are the ones I'm most familiar with so I tend to enjoy those games more. HeartGold is one hell of a game.

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@crusader8463 said:

Anything but the original 151 are second class at best. Some of the first 100 they added past the first 151 are cool, but they got bad real quick.

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I tend to jokingly say 'original 151 or bust' just cos I know a few people that it really annoys but I do genuinely think the originals are the best. Whether that's through nostalgia goggles or not is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. I've only played up to Generation 3 though, if that matters.

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Are we supposed to be voting based on the quality of the games or the actual Pokémon?

In terms of actual gameplay Gen 2 was a huge step up from 1 in terms of depth and 5 has seen the most vast improvement since. As for actual Pokemon, I've got a lot of nostalgia for Gen 1 and 2 so they easily win out. Gen 5 has the Pokémon I've liked most since and 4 is easily my least favourite.

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Gen 1 had Charizard and Blastoise. That's a fact.

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

Oh man I had all 151 Pokemon on Red\Blue, how many are there now?


Had you asked me this a month or so ago I would have said Gen 2, but after playing Black 2 I can't go back.

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I really loved Gen 1 and 2 was good as well, I've played all of them but 5 really sucked me in again. I love the Gen 1 pokemon best but I like the Gen 5 games.

I side with 5.

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they go chronologically from best to worse and my reason behind this is that half the fun was discovering the clever pun on the name and as the series progresses the wordplay gets worse and worse. I also liek the character designs in Gen 1, the 3 pokemon you choose from in the red/blue version of the games are by far 3 of the best pokemon designs.

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Generation 1. Specifically, Bulbasaur would kick the asses of any of the other 648 Pokemon.

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So far as I am concerned, there are only 151 Pokemon.

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This poll could very well be a "How old are you?" poll. The older you are, the shittier the new pokemans seem. Gen 1 fo life!

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First gen all the way baby. Blastoise and Squirtle <3

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The one with Charizard.

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@EpicSteve said:

Fuck any Pokemon past 151!


What about this little guy?

How can you say FUCK YOU to that>?

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@crusader8463 said:

Anything but the original 151 are second class at best. Some of the first 100 they added past the first 151 are cool, but they got bad real quick.

Indeed. Going through the list of the gold/silver era, I think that most of them were pretty good. A lot of them still seem really cool to me... Oh, I know why.

You know, that may be my favorite generation. I was... 10 years old when gold and silver came out. The year before that though was an awesome experience, going to the local card shop and looking through all of the imported Japanese Pokemon cards and magazines and seeing all of these awesome new Pokemon before they had proper names, and the rumors that were spreading just sounded so crazy and awesome at the time. Some of that stuff has really stuck with me. Something about going back to Red & Blue and somehow falling into the fountain in Sliph Co. from the floor above, using Surf and finding Pikablu (who turned out to be Maril)... Oh man, good times.

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Generation one, games and cartoon.

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Gen 1 is the only Pokemon game I beat so choose that, plus I'd totally by a remake of that game. Though I think the only thing that could really bring me back is a console version.

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Gen 1. And it isn't even close. Gen 2 was fine but after that they really went downhill.

One of the new Pokemon in Gen 5 is a fucking ice cream cone. Enough said.

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Gen 4 < Gen 5 < Gen 3 < Gen 1 < Gen 2

Loved the first three generations. The others... well, 5 was cool.

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I've only ever played a little bit of Diamond and a little bit of Black other than Red/Blue, so Gen 1 I guess. Diamond and Black were boring so I never got far in them.

Really it was a great series when I was a kid, and I'm sure the new ones are great for kids too, but that's about it. I'd much rather spend my time playing something else.

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I would say Gen 2. I haven't bought a Pokemon game since Ruby/Sapphire and i didn't even finish that one. I've only dabbled in some of the newer ones and it's nothing i care to buy, even though i kind of still like them the need to play them just isn't there any more.

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Gen 1 or 2, they're the ones I grew up with. But there are some I like from the newer ones.

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