Favorite Pokemon game?

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#1 Posted by Thordain (980 posts) -

For me, it was Gold/Silver

#2 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -


#3 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -


#4 Posted by Hyper_Hedgehog (89 posts) -

Gold/Silver. It was so more epic.

#5 Posted by gersan93 (139 posts) -


#6 Posted by Shocker (2324 posts) -

Gold/Silver was amazing. I still play it sometimes.

#7 Posted by Dark_Link142 (426 posts) -

Pokemon Blue got me into the series but I like Diamond/Pearl the best.

#8 Posted by twenty0ne (3056 posts) -

Crystal. It was like Gold and Silver, but with moving characters.

#9 Posted by tec3297 (1258 posts) -

Pokemon Blue

#10 Posted by legend_cloud (434 posts) -


#11 Posted by tec3297 (1258 posts) -

Damn, people really like Gold/Silver/Crystal...to me it wasn't that great.  Probably my least favorite out of all of them.  Well not crystal..but gold/sivler.

#12 Posted by AnTiPRO (105 posts) -

Yellow was where it was at back in the day :p

#13 Posted by Karan (5 posts) -

Crystal, though ruby/sapphire isn't far behind.

#14 Posted by neilsquibb (16 posts) -

I feel that the best Pokemon games were either Red/Blue or Gold/Silver. The games after that were still very enjoyable but, in my opinion, felt a bit overbloated with features and newer Pokemon I found hard to care so much about.

I have yet to try out Fire Red/Leaf Green but maybe these games are superior as they might mix the simplicity of the first 150 Pokemon of Red/Blue with the larger feature lists of the later games. The test will be if it still includes Missingno.

#15 Posted by Bennyishere (1746 posts) -

I played Yellow and Crystal. Crystal is the better one technologically and content-wise, but Yellow was awesome for its time.

#16 Posted by MattyFTM (14593 posts) -

Red/Blue. Closely followed by Diamond/Pearl

#17 Posted by samcotts (2381 posts) -

I really can't just pick one, I guess Gold/Silver is probably my favourite, just.

I prefer the older games to the newer ones, just something isn't right with Diamond/Pearl. I think they should really freshen up the series with the next game.

#18 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Red and Blue were classics, I got Pearl but the old days of Pokemon were so much better

#19 Posted by DanCarmichael (233 posts) -

Red/Blue purely for the nostalgia.

Gold and silver may have been on a bigger and better scale but you just shouldn't forget your roots.

#20 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

Silver, it was an enormous step up from Red and Blue.

#21 Posted by DualReaver (3792 posts) -

Pokemon blue mothafucka.

#22 Posted by AEKtzis (123 posts) -


As far as im concerned there are only 151 POKEMON!!!!!

#23 Posted by Falkien (241 posts) -

Gold/Silver 16 badges plus face characters including Red from the previous games..

#24 Posted by DiscoLights (880 posts) -


i stopped playing diamond cause it bore me ]=
#25 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

yellow! I liked having pikachu follow me around.

#26 Posted by whackmypinata (1025 posts) -

Red. I remember going on long car rides and kicking ass.
 Seriously, I was in a kickboxing limo.

#27 Posted by Otacon (2252 posts) -

I remember spending hours upon hours a day on Blue. So blue.

#28 Posted by dankempster (2588 posts) -

Having played Diamond and LeafGreen, Blue remains my favourite in the series. That being said, I have Emerald and Gold tucked away waiting to be played, so the decision isn't as informed as it could be.

#29 Posted by atheistium (421 posts) -

Blue & Pearl.

#30 Posted by Soap (3743 posts) -

Fire Red as it brought back the fun of the classic but with up to the date visuals and stuff and Pearl because well, the more the better. I can't wait for the next generation one.

#31 Posted by Foil1212 (470 posts) -

Original red or you fail.

#32 Posted by banned8921 (1374 posts) -


#33 Posted by Jayge_ (10270 posts) -

Gold and Silver for sure. I was psyched for a new Pokemon experience, but who expects day and night cycles with breeding grounds and all the awesome other stuff to hit a handheld when they are in 3rd grade? It blew my mind. And was the most innovative release in the series adjusting for time/tech progress.

#34 Posted by DuhQbnSiLo (2241 posts) -

Red & Silver

#35 Posted by whackmypinata (1025 posts) -

Red and Ruby

#36 Posted by theOSUman365 (25 posts) -

Pokemon Snap and Red.

#37 Posted by Hexogen (802 posts) -

Diamond/Pearl, closely followed by Gold/Silver. I still have my hopes up that they'll remake the G/S/C generation games for the DS.

#38 Posted by Merforga (322 posts) -

Diamond for me.

#39 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I would have to say Blue just because it was the game that got me hooked on the series. I never owned a GB...but after playing a friend's copy of Pokemon Red; I soon became to proud owner of my very own Gameboy. :)

#40 Posted by drsalvador (120 posts) -


#41 Posted by Black_Rose (7772 posts) -


The last one i played

#42 Posted by Manks (862 posts) -

Pokemon Gold and Emerald.

#43 Posted by Vash_The_Stampede (275 posts) -

Pokemon Leaf Green

#44 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -


God, i remember how much of a fan i was of those pokemon games as a kid xD

#45 Posted by imHunt (51 posts) -

I prefer Red/Blue versions.

#46 Posted by Gizmo (5468 posts) -

Pokemon Crystal, I remember the first time one of these crazy rare pokemon appeared. I nearly died.

#47 Posted by bwooduhs (1679 posts) -

Crystal all the way.

#48 Posted by AgentJ (8994 posts) -

Silver, not even close. It fixed the imbalances of Red/Blue, offered twice as much gameplay, had an almost perfect lineup of monsters, and you got to fight Red at the very end! I really hope this one gets remade in the near future.

#49 Posted by Snail (8769 posts) -

Not red.
Yeah that's right.

#50 Posted by Hector (3514 posts) -

Gold/Silver for sure!

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