In FireRed, how do I use Cut outside of combat?

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I'm trying to cut down a tree to get into the Pewter City Museum. I have looked through all the menus and pressed every button. I don't understand. Am I just overlooking something? Thanks for the help in advance.

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You need certain badges to use HM moves out of battle. Do you have Brock and Misty's Badges?

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@Cubidog1: Cut is associated with the Water Badge (2nd). You teach it to a pokemon and you access by selecting them, it will be an option along with move, status, etc.

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I haven't defeated Misty yet. I checked the wiki and it said to just use Cut. That confused me. I'll go beat Misty and see if I can then.

#5 Posted by Nightriff (6678 posts) -

@Cubidog1: When you get to Misty you won't be able to return to Pewter city until you either learn fly (after the 4th badge) or go through....Diglit Cave? Don't remember the name but it's where the 3rd badge is

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hey i defeted misty still i cant use it its not in tm case also wats this?

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