Pokémon Nostalgia

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I'm sure many of you remember the days of carrying around your big black-and-white "Game Boys," or so we called them. You and your friends had red or blue, and you were gonna trade your graveler for her badonkadonk so it could evolve into the elite Golem. But alas, your friend forgot the table.
How many of you are with me on this?

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My only game was Pokemon Snap. =o

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I remember my 2 friends and I sat behind a parked bus and played pokemon together all recess long for my entire 4th grade year its still my favorite game of all time because of the nostalgia.

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i remember using link cables to trade...man that was shit

yeah, pokemans was the shit when i was younger

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Hell yeah! And trying to move the "truck" near the SS Anne to get Mew...good times.

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The first one I played was Gold.

I was 7 years old.
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I only had 1 other friend that was into Pokemon when I was a kid, thankfully someone invented the internet and now I have many friends to destroy in battle... mwahahhahaha.

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Actually, my Pokemon gaming days were mainly solo. We traded cards and stuff, but I was the only one who played Pokemon on a GameBoy.

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Pokemon was huge at my school, and I loved all 500 or so of them. I had almost every single card, including holographics, and spent (well, my parents spent) easily more than $1000 CAD on 'em. Then I bought both Red and Blue (I know, waste) for my Gameboy. Spent tons of hours on both games. Then, Pokemon Stadium and Snap for the N64. But, it all went so fast - and eventually they added all these dumb, generic Pokemon and everyone lost interest -- including myself.

 I still have my card collection to this day.

I was a huge Pokemon fan for some reason - depsite sounding like a complete nerd in my youth (which, I sort of was). Man, I even saw the Pokemon movie when it hit theatres ... which I don't recommend anyone to do.

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Pokemon stadium....poke crystal....pokemon snap.ALl good games.

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Those were the days playing red and blue. Doing that sweet ass cheat by surfing up the coast of the volcano city, good times.

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oh yes back then pokemon was like a good cancer. i think gold/sliver were the best games

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Gotta catch 'em all!

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I loved pokemon red version  I also loved how you could go back to the lands of pokemon red and blue in gold and silver version.

// I dont like the gba or ds pokemon games.
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Pokemon was awesome back in the day. Also, blue is for morons, GO RED!!!!!!!!!

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Levio91 said:
// I dont like the gba or ds pokemon games.
Why not?
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Dude, no joke, me and a few friends were just driving around, listening to the Pokemon theme song earlier today :P

Cartoon was epic. The games are really actually still pretty good honestly. Too many Pokemon for me to really care at this point though.

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The old'uns are the best in my opinion. The gameplay improvements we've seen are great, but there are simply too many Pokémon these days. They've saturated the games and made the previously realistic collection goals close to impossible. I remember wasting days of my life playing Blue, and managed to obtain about 135 different species. It's also amazing how well the old GameBoy games have held up in terms of their gameplay and overall charm.

Actually, right now I'm playing through Gold. I never played it when it first came out, as the whole buzz surrounding the franchise in the UK started to die off at around that time. I've got four badges and I'm really getting into it. It's great seeing where the gameplay innovations like day/night, berries and genders/breeding started.

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Yu-Gi-Oh's card game was a million times better.    Anyways Pokemon always had good video games.  I remember playing Blue version against my sister.  My favorite for some reason was Sapphire;  i just spent the most time with it

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I used to be huge into Pokemon back in the day. I put hundreds of hours into Pokemon Blue (I don't know how many exactly, but the counter stops at 255 hours) and traded with my friends all the time. I watched the show religiously as well. I had the trading cards, but  my friends and I had no idea how the hell you fought with them (I still don't) so our games basically amounted to 'Gyrados is water type, so he beats Charizard. I win.' I still play the Pokemon games today. Diamond is my favorite game in the series to date.

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I still play pokemon stadium on my laptop during class.

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I went (and still go) a christian school when red and blue came out. I had my gameboy with red in my back pack. A teacher saw it and took it from me. I went to the principal and I was told how evil pokemon was. I got my gameboy back the next day, and played it on the bus ride home and leveled up my wartortle so it evolved into a Blastoise. BEST TWO DAYS EVER!!!!

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Demilich said:

Bahahahaha that's amazing, I remember that stupid thing.
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after years of avoiding it because the TV show was such trash, i finally gave some of them a try and to my surprise i had a fucking blast. underneath the vomit inducing dialogue, and the cuteness there is a great gameplay experience to be had. i played and completed red, silver, sapphire and fire red. have not played one in a long time cos im kind of done with it unless they do a proper RPG on the Wii. but im one of the few gamers who is over 21 and happily admits, i enjoyed a pokemon game

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My friends and I would spend hours on end trading and talking about Pokemon and their stats/attacks/etc.
I really do miss those days, it makes me sad that we can't do that anymore. Great memories.

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