What is your Favorite Pokemon?

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Magicarp, motherfuckers.

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@WizardShazam said:

Many may compete for my second favorite but Scyther has been number one since the days of Red/Blue.

Scyther was dope!

Skarmory was pretty cool too, and a friend of mine had a shiny one (green wings) which I may or may not have now... I don't know why but I always quite liked Tropius too.

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@RockmanBionics said:

@Turambar: Not sure what you're on about with the cultural traits thing, however the first Marowak sprites in Pokemon don't seem to have the fused bone skull of its latter incarnations. Not sure if I'm seeing it wrong or if they changed it, and in that case maybe it was done to take attention away from the fact that the creature's skull would later be used as a helmet by its children. Then again I'm not sure if fusing said skull to its face was the best alternative. Man, Pokemon is kinda messed up.


One thing I thought was interesting was that some people have apparently theorized that a Cubone is a baby Kangaskhan that has lost its mother, and that Kangaskhan was originally going to be the final evolution of Cubone (There was also a theory that the Kangaskhan Marowak code was moved instead of being deleted and that this was the origin of MissingNo). I kind of like this idea because the whole thing comes full circle with the Kangskhan and the baby.

As things are now, how does EVERY Cubone having the skull of its mother make any sense? Best not to think about it.

Fan made image

MissingNo evolves into Kangaskhan sometimes right? I fucking love the existance of MissingNo, such an amazing glitch, and its crazy how much detail people have found out about it.

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Quilava and Murkrow

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Caterpie, mother fucker

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Spash attack ftw.

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Absol. Now there's a smug looking pokeman.

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Gengar FO SHO!

With Yanmega a close 2nd

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I would be happy to have a Piplup as my best friend.

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@Cloudenvy said:

And Charizard.

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Charizard, he's a boss.

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Such a hard question, I really can't decide but I have a limited it to a few.

  • Caterpie (No idea why!)
  • Butterfree.
  • Starmie.
  • Snorlax.
  • Vulpix.
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Gyrados I think that's how to spell it, it has been many a full moon since I have played that game or even seen anything Pokemon related.

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@killacam said:

what, no poll?!

Nice work! I had to think about that one, but when I did...

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Pidgeot. I love that damn pidgeon!

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typhlosion or tyranitar.

damn im getting on my DS to play SS now.

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@Maystack: Hes better that a floating ice cream cone.

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@Flawed_System: Good question...

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From each Gen: Dragonite, Heracross, Metagross, Drapion, Haxorus

Overall Metagross.

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Eevee! Adorable, looks like a fennec, and has the potential to turn into several different things.

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Hmm... probably Arcanine. Electabuzz and Cubone are pretty cool too, though

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Fuck yeah, Seaking.

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Number 94, the hard hittin' Ghost/Poison type Pokemon of your very darkest nightmares...


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Snorlax forever.

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Id have to say Zapdos, there was something magical about catching it in game, then getting the card in a pack.

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Kadabra. Psychic was overpowered in Red/Blue, since all the Ghost pokemon had the Poison subtype. I loved Kadabra (not counting Alakazam, because I never had anyone to trade with) though because he had such an amazing move set without any TM's. Psybeam, Psychic, Barrier, Recover. So good.

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Arceus, everyone was totally jealous of my Arceus EX.

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Ampharos. I like it's battle cray, and it's pretty useful in HG/SS.

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Tyranitar. Why? Because fuck you, come at me, I have a goddamn Tyranitar.

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I just picked up Pokemon Red yester day. Already got blastiose

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I've always really liked Arcanine, it was my favorite as a kid because it's a part dog part tiger that breathes fire! It would be either Arcanine or Blastoise, because how badass is a turtle with guns as shoulders!

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My favorite has to be Poliwrath- though my love for it has been tainted with tragedy. When Pokemon cards were at their peak I got my hands on a weird pink cat thingy which kinda sucked so one of the older kids took me aside, agreed with me that the card I had was lame and offered me a pitty trade of a Poliwrath. I jumped at the chance, only for the guy to gleefully announce that the card I had just traded away was a Mew and he ran off to tell the rest of the playground about his conquest.

To this day I have not allowed myself to train a Poliwrath in any of the games, water stones go unused in my bag and the Elite Four all mock my puny Poliwhirl...

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My favourite Rapidash...
It... cute... lovely... smart... plus amazing... you think so? Oh yes... it stunning... kindly... love it! Hug it when sleeping... warm... and cuddly... spectacular... ravishing... Oops! Look at the time! I kept you too long!

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Sukuna-Hikona's pretty cool.

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I really like Dusknoir, I think it looks so cool, not to mention the fact that I love the Ghost type. I actually like a lot of the Gen V pokemon too, especially Hydreigon, I just like the deisgn of it, and it's definitely the coolest of the generation.

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Persian, bitches. That's right, you see my Persian you know I'm going to look classy as hell stomping your ass.

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Porygon, because the name is hilarious.

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My favorite is Missingno. I mean, how can you not love the adorable glitch champ?

But seriously, I think I will always have a place for Cubone. When pokemon came out, I hated the damn things since I mostly saw stupid ones. Then my friend showed me the guide book with the index in the back, and I saw what a badass a child-like dinosaur would have to be to wear his mom's skull.

I'm not sure what the fascination is with Gen V recycle-mon; the only cool one I saw was Sandile and his evolutions. Most of them just look like they got rejected from previous versions of the game, and GameFreak finally said "screw it, let em in".

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