Which generation has the best Pokemon?

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#51 Posted by awadnin (275 posts) -
@blueduck said:
If your answer is anything but the 1st you are a virgin.
#52 Posted by Marokai (3114 posts) -

I'm pretty fond of the second and fourth generation of pokemon. 
Also, I don't understand how anyone could think the first generation are somehow better than all the rest. Take off the goggles, folks.

#53 Posted by Addfwyn (1945 posts) -

There's only 151 pokemon as far as I am concerned. You don't get better than Zenigame.

#54 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4739 posts) -

The o.g. one fiddy one. THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS HAD A RAP!!!

#55 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2565 posts) -

Whoever voted for the fourth and fifth generations needs to be punished. 
First was AWESOME. Second was great, and third was good. 

#56 Posted by coakroach (2492 posts) -

The generation with Quagsire.

#57 Posted by CrimsonAvenger (296 posts) -

Hoenn has the best. I never liked First Gen very much and still don't. For second place I have to give it to Johto because I loved Pokemon Gold.

#58 Edited by OrangeSponge (53 posts) -

The third generation, Hoenn. In terms of the Pokemon add to the game. Followed by Kanto, Sinnoh, Unova, Johto. I've always believed that Johto's dex was just an add-on to Kanto's, since the Pokemon add relied heavily on generation one.

#59 Posted by SexyToad (2759 posts) -

I would say the third. They had all the bad ass legendary pokemons, or was that the 2nd...

#60 Posted by Emperor_Jimmu (249 posts) -

The Beat Generation.

#61 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

First generation for me. Second and third gen are also acceptable answers!

#62 Posted by christ0phe (952 posts) -

Pokemon gold, all that needs to be mentioned

#63 Posted by Pazy (2601 posts) -

Necro-threads, awesome! First gen has the nostalgia and love for me but I love me some Oshawott, the water starter from Pokemon Black/White.

#64 Posted by Dixavd (1367 posts) -

First Gen is the worst if you ask me (well not including the latest one as I haven't seen/played that one) despite it having some of my favourites, it overall is very bland and anyone who things otherwise is just blinded by nostalgia. On the other hand, what is this poll if not a nostalgia question anyway so I don't mind how Gen 1 is winning so much since it is to be expected.

I think overall Johto has the most consistently interesting group of pokemon with Hoenn just behind.

#65 Posted by Masin (131 posts) -

If you say anything other then first gen, you are a Nazi and deserve the worst type of torture.

#66 Posted by pyromagnestir (4337 posts) -

original recipe!

#67 Posted by Sackmanjones (4784 posts) -

Pokemon red son!!

So first generation

#68 Posted by jewunit (1064 posts) -

The first generation was great, but the second generation added an extra level of depth to it. The number of interesting type combinations jumped and made battles even more complex and fun.

#69 Posted by hidys (1029 posts) -

Dude it is the first generation. Why did you ask this fucking question?

#70 Posted by Soap (3631 posts) -

First generation, no question.

It basically goes in order, they've gotten worse each time.

#71 Posted by Stonyman65 (2822 posts) -

The original 150

#72 Posted by Bigheart711 (1253 posts) -

I like the Johto Generation more than Kanto, but a lot of good Pokemon are from both reigons. Some of the Unova Pokemon like Liligant and Haxorus are definite keepers, though.

#73 Posted by TooWalrus (13255 posts) -

It's got to be Kanto, right? I actually like Johto quite a bit too.

#74 Posted by AndrewB (7686 posts) -

Kanto is the answer. It's where all the best ideas and designs went. It's also the only good part of the Anime. Those first two seasons were awesome.

Johto is pretty rad too. Ampharos, Houndoom, Lugia, Suicune, Hoppip... the ideas hadn't yet been obviously mined dry.

Not that I dislike some of the stuff they've done since, because they keep it interesting mostly by throwing in odd type combinations, but they could totally have done that without adding so many clone, throwaway Pokemon like yet another Pidgey analog. I've actually lost track of how many Pokemon there are. I'd have to check Serebii to tell you. And I'm a Pokemon game fan.

#75 Posted by Superkenon (1487 posts) -

While every game has been progressively 'better', I wouldn't say the same for new pokemon designs. It's pretty hit-or-miss across every generation though.

Actually gonna say...

1st > 5th > 2nd > 4th > 3rd

We're talking about personal favorites here, so naturally personal experience has everything to do with it. First generation has a lot of classic, solid designs that are perhaps the most "believable" of them all, elegant in their simplicity?! The fewest number of goofy-ass gimmick-ass monsters present, anyway. I think the most important aspect of a Pokemon game to me is the part where... well, you discover new friggin' pokemon. This was the original game, so... everything you ran into was new. I think this is what made me enjoy the Fifth generation so much recently. They managed to recapture that by comprising the new world entirely of new monsters, rather than having the same rats, bats and birds filling in the gaps. Once again it was kinda fun to explore new areas to see what was around, because you knew for a fact that it'd be something new. Since they made all the pokemon to stand on their own instead of coexisting with former designs, I feel like we ended up with a lot more variety and relatively grounded-looking monsters. Also, Serperior. Yayuhhh.

Some cool designs came from the Second generation, but also a whole slew of dumb stuff. Like the... cow. Fourth generation was even more hit-or-miss on things that stuck with me. I actually skipped over Ruby/Sapphire, so I've got no attachment at all to Third generation. Therefore it all looks dumb to me!!!

#76 Posted by captain_max707 (499 posts) -

I think the second generation is great (I loved Silver version when I was younger) but the first generation is always gonna be the best. 

#77 Posted by awadnin (275 posts) -

I hope next generation of Pokemon (3DS) will be as good as first generation.

#78 Posted by Hunter5024 (5905 posts) -

I voted for Hoenn because of course everyone's gonna vote for Kanto. Hoenn introduced Blaziken, Absol, Gardevoir, Aggron, Slaking, and Rayquaza, all of which are genuinely pretty awesome Pokemon. Kanto can have second best cause of Cubone. Sinnoh gets my vote for worst by far, I think the only new Pokemon I liked was Toxicroak.

#79 Posted by Grim_2_ (50 posts) -

I'm gonna have to be a nostalgia whore and say gen1 only because it has my favorite pokemon butterfree <3. The other gen's I liked equally though I really wish game freak would stop dick riding fighting and dragon type's and give more love to the others.

#80 Edited by Pop (2648 posts) -


edit: finally a good use of "first!"

#81 Posted by NegativeCero (3026 posts) -

The first is the only correct answer. The 2nd and 3rd were good too, but the difference is that I still remember a lot of the names of the first gen, but can't be bothered with any others.

#82 Posted by Irvandus (2886 posts) -

Johto all the way man.

#83 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

Kanto. I don't actually think Johto was really a decline in quality, though, it just had less pokemon.

#84 Posted by Phatmac (5726 posts) -

The first one is easily the most unimaginative out of all of them. The evolution of pokemon especially such as having three pairs of the same pokemon like dugdrio, dodrio, electoide and more. I like the 3rd generation the best since it actually has some good designs.

#85 Posted by tutuboy95 (90 posts) -

2nd, but that's just nostalgia speaking. I love all the generations, and frankly, I get annoyed whenever anyone says 1st is best or 5th is worst because 5th is uninspired. In fact, 1st is quite a bit more uninspired than 5th, and I love some of the ideas that they brought out there.

#86 Posted by JoeyRavn (5007 posts) -

@tutuboy95 said:

2nd, but that's just nostalgia speaking. I love all the generations, and frankly, I get annoyed whenever anyone says 1st is best or 5th is worst because 5th is uninspired. In fact, 1st is quite a bit more uninspired than 5th, and I love some of the ideas that they brought out there.

I wonder how much time have spent with the actual all those people who say that any generation after the first is terrible. Designs haven't become worse over time. Or better, actually. They are just more and more varied. I'm pretty sure that everyone would love any 5th gen pokémon if it had been part of generation 1. I'm sure no one would single it out as being the worse designed pokémon. But that's just the way it goes... or is anyone brave enough to deny that Braviary is awesome? :P

As for the poll, I voted for Johto. Not really because of the pokémon introduced in that region especifically, but because I fucking love Crystal. Best Pokémon game ever.

#87 Edited by Soaratia (4 posts) -

First, second, and third were great. Fourth was crap. Fifth was, unbelievably, quite appealing.


#88 Posted by Soaratia (4 posts) -

Although fourth did have its strong points, such as Togekiss, Weavile and the two Eeveelutions.

#89 Posted by darkknight941 (1 posts) -

F*ck all y'all saying that first and second gen are te best, and saying all others suck, even though gen V did suck badly, it's only cause those were the only games you played and never played III-V, gen IV was the best cause they had awesome starter pokemon, amazing legendaries, and the new evolutions kicked a**, like Gallade, which is way better than Gardevoir, Weavile, Magnezone, Togekiss, Honchkrow, and Gliscor, ad introduced awesome new Pokemon like Garchomp and Lucario

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