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So after playing several games and losing several hands, I've noticed the following things:

  • Tycho is the most conservative and doesn't react well to large raises, regardless of whatever stage of the hand you're at (i.e. if most of his stack has already been bet on that one hand, he'll still fold if you bump it up on the river)
  • The Heavy is the most normal (or least reckless) of the four
  • Max raises waaaaaaaay too much regardless of whatever he has in the hole. But it sort of fits, because Max notes in his dialogue that he doesn't really pay attention, and when he gets knocked out he rarely cares that he's lost.
  • Strong Bad is the luckiest, or at least plays the most. The majority of the hands he's goes in for turn out okay-ish. And he bigstack bullys, which (of all players) you would expect the Heavy to do so.
The poker itself is far from perfect, but that's not why I'm playing it. Evidence that I spend waaay too much time on the Internet is that I find the trash-talking between Strong Bad and Tycho downright hilarious.
Oh and always go all in at the start. If you lose, no biggy. If you win, the rest of the game is yours and you can sit out and let the blinds do the job until the 1 on 1.
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Max is the most annoying given his tendency to go all-in on something daft like a pair of twos before the three card flop has been shown. I have lost numerous pots to him and his antics.

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Personally I love Strong Bad's near-psychotic arrogance. I've seen him go all-in on a King-high hand with the flop already showing. He's always the first to fall in my games.

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