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No good poker, some good laughs

Poker night at the inventory  is a great concept, and you can get it for cheap. And I wont lie, I love Telltale as much as anyone.
But the AI will bet randomly no matter what cards they have. Its like playing a kindergarten. They will make huge raises, only to fold the same hand seconds later. There is no strategy, it becomes a very slow game of pure luck.
But you didn't come here for the poker, right? Well, the dialogue, while occasionally funny, gets repetitive pretty fast.
I also met a few game breaking bugs through my play through.

Posted by Mitch0712

Can you tell us what difficulty you're playing on? I'm not noticing random betting on Hard mode. Also in poker, if someone is raising or betting "randomly" that can be seen as intimidation for the pot.

Posted by Gamer_152

This review was far too brief.


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