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Pokey as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Pokey Minch is a young boy, and the neighbor to Ness. He lives in the suburbs of Onett, however his family is much richer than Ness'. His entire family appears to hate Ness' family, mainly because of a debt that Ness' dad owes Aloysius Minch (Pokey's father). The debt is a few hundred thousand dollars, but Aloysius admits that it could be much less than that. Pokey has a younger brother named Picky Minch.

Pokey (or rather, Porky) also has an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. A stage based off of New Pork City appears in the game as well. Porky is in his Mother 3 form (despite being much younger), as a boss, and is accompanied by his Porky bots.


A clay figure of Pokey

Pokey first appears in EarthBound as Ness' neighbor. One night, when a meteor lands in Onett, Pokey and Picky sneak out to see the meteor. Pokey loses Picky, so he runs to Ness to beg for help. Upon reaching the meteor, Ness finds Picky. They meet an alien named Buzz Buzz from the future, who tells of the invasion of Giygas, and how it is Ness' destiny (along with three others, of which Pokey does not belong) to prevent it from happening. After fighting off one of Giygas' evil accomplices, Starman Jr., Pokey leaves for a while (seemingly run away). Buzz Buzz then meets an unfortunate demise at the hands of Pokey's mother, who mistakes him for a fly.

Pokey, during the final battle

Pokey is next seen as the high priest of the Happy Happyist cult, a cult obsessed with the color blue. When Ness comes to save Paula from the cult, he obliterates the cult. Pokey and his father move to Fourside, where they become business consultants for Mayor Monotoli. The money that Pokey gains is used to live quite well, but when Ness confronts him once again, Pokey steals Monotoli's helicopter and crashes in the Deep Darkness swamp. Pokey is not seen again until the final battle with Giygas. He has become a devout follower of Giygas, claiming that he has been lead the whole time by Giygas. Due to the use of Dr. Andonuts' time machine, the Phase Distorter, Pokey is incredibly discolored. Once Giygas is defeated, Pokey time travels to another time period, but not before sending Ness one last message. Picky shows up at Ness' door after EarthBound's events with a letter from Pokey, which says, "Come and get me, loser! Spankety spankety spankety!"

Mother 3

A statue of Porky Minch

For most of the events in Mother 3, there is a mysterious tyrant known as the Pig King (or King P). The Pig King has amassed an army of Pigmasks comprised primarily of brainwashed subjects and a few volunteers from the Nowhere Island. These Pigmasks introduce capitalism and greed into an otherwise peaceful world. Hints at the Pig King being childish in nature are shown during several parts of the game, most prominently when the party stumbles upon his room in the Thunder Tower. Besides that brief glimpse and others such as that, nothing else about his identity is revealed until Chapter 8.

The Pig King is eventually revealed to be Pokey Minch, now named Porky Minch. Due to his abuse of time travel, Porky has aged quite a lot from his previous appearance (although his mental state is still that of a child). His skin is even more discolored than from his appearance at the end of EarthBound, now nearly white. During the battle with him, he states that it is impossible to tell how old he is; he could be hundreds of years old, he could be thousands of years old. He stumbles upon the Nowhere Island through the use of time travel, and finds out about the world nearly ending years before his arrival. He decides to restore it to its previous state of corruption, his justification being that humans' nature is unchangeable.

The Absolutely Safe Capsule

Porky creates a "utopia" in Chapter 8 called New Pork City. This is a highly-technological city that is also incredibly childish in nature. The city has amusement parks, movie theaters and the entire city is filled with bright colors. There are images of young Pokey all around the town, most significantly a giant stone statue that doubles as an optional boss. The ride to his throne room includes a boot ride with several nostalgic items from EarthBound.

Porky is faced in battle in a spider-mecha similar to the device he uses during the final battle in EarthBound. His attacks resemble those of Giygas, with unintelligible attacks that the party "cannot understand." Upon his defeat, he retreats into an Absolutely Safe Capsule created by Dr. Andonuts. Fortunately, he cannot exit the capsule (and nothing else can enter it), so he is trapped in it for all of eternity.

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