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Poliwhirl is the evolved form of Poliwag and is a water-type pokemon. Twice as large as its previous evolution, Poliwhirl takes full advantage of its spiral-shaped belly, using it to confuse enemies before blasting them away with its water-type powers. Poliwhirl evolves into Poliwrath, a water/fighting-type pokemon, by use of a Waterstone.


Poliwag evolves into Poliwrath
Using a Waterstone, Poliwhirl evolves into this pokemon, Poliwrath

Evolves from: Poliwag
Evolves into: Poliwrath
Level: n/a
Requirements: Waterstone

Poliwhirl evolves into Poliwrath after using a Waterstone, however Poliwhirl learns several moves that Poliwrath does not, making this evolution more desirable after learning Wake-up Slap at level 43 or Hydro Pump at level 48.



Defensive Effectiveness:

x2 weak against electric and grass attacks.

x0.5 resistant to fire, ice, steel and water attacks.

Water type has no immunities.

Magmar falls easily to Poliwrath's water-based powers
Offensive Effectiveness:

x4 super effective attacks against fire/ground type pokemon.

x2 super effective attacks against fire and ground types.

x0.5 less effective attacks against dragon and grass types.

Water attacks are never ineffective.

Water-type pokemon are super-effective against fire and ground pokemon. Water douses fire, squelching fire's ferocity and doing double damage. Ground gets slogged by water, its muddy form too sluggish to properly defend itself.

Poliwhirl has a hard time getting past dragon-type defenses from pokemon like Bagon
Water-type pokemon are weak to electric and grass attacks. Electric attacks pulse through water's naturally conductive body, damaging it thoroughly. Grass attacks sap the very strength of water, sometimes even deriving healing from attacks against watery foes.

Poliwhirl is more effective in battles against pokemon such as Magmar, Numel and Torkoal. These fire and ground type pokemon fall in a steaming heap under Poliwhirl's water-type powers. Weak against such a foe, these pokemon have a hard time breaking through Poliwhirl's defences and only do half the damage.

Poliwhirl falls easily in battles verses pokemon such as Bagon, Pachirisu and Tangela. These grass, dragon and electric type pokemon all have an advantage over Poliwhirl's water-typing. Pachirisu and Tangela as electric and grass pokemon both do extra damage against Poliwhirl's watery body. Bagon and Tangela give Poliwhirl a harder time during battle, taking less damage for each attack Poliwhirl offers.

First Appearance

Pokemon Red/Blue.

Poliwhirl can be spotted in Pokemon Snap!
Number in Pokedex

Red/Blue (Yellow): 61
Gold/Silver (Crystal): 61
(Traded from Red/Blue only)
Ruby/Sapphire (Emerald):n/a until national dex is unlocked

Ruby/Sapphire (Emerald) National Dex: 61

Fire Red/Leaf Green Kanto Dex: 61

Fire Red/Leaf Green Hoenn Dex: n/a
Diamond/Pearl (Platinum): n/a until national dex is unlocked
Diamond/Pearl (Platinum) National Dex: 61

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