Post your 3D work- Official thread

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Ok, guys and gals, we certainly have some great, talented, young people here so lets share some work, no matter what your weapon of choice may be (Blender, Maya, 3DSMax, ZBrush etc.) 
T-poses, walk  cycles, rendered or not, textured or not, done or not, complex or simple, professional or amateur, lets make a nice little place for 3d designers (and 3d designer enthusiasts/wannabe's) to come together and share/play/create =) 
I'll go first: 


  I've got some more I've put on my blog and I'll certainly post more, but I'd like to see what did you guys make... 
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Only thing I've done so far I feel fine about showing is the textures I did for a pre-made scene about a month ago for class. 

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@ryanwho: hey, thank you for being the first contributor for this (hopefully long thread). I remember your awesome drawing skills from my first blog here on GB. Great to see you're venturing in 3D as well. Kudos! Love the tiles and the mirror. 
Here's more of my stuff to bump this thing up! 
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I love that Anubis head! 
Hmm well I don't have much personal stuff to show since 3D is my job. At first it was my hobby (and still tries to be), but after 8hours of 3D work, I come back home wanting to do more but I just can't... too much. So now I wait for vacation periods to do personal projects. Professionally though, I've worked on the Avatar, POP, Assassins, Rainbow Six, and Farcry series, you can find a lot of my props on there. 
Initially I started as a general modeler as most 3d artists do, making props and environments; but more and more today I specialize in Weapons and Vehicles and all interactive props (anything the character holds in first person or third; in other words, props that require high poly work whether it be in max or zbrush, and then baked onto a game low-res).  
Here's stuff I've got scattered around from a while back, haven't done anything personal recently :(  

Doodle Mass Effect style NPC

 Doodle Asari + Drell 
 Female base for comic book style sculpts 
 Doodle Yvonne Strahovski / Miranda 
 Kimber Warrior 1911 high res for 1:6 toy 3D-printing (Sideshow Toys)  
 FN SCAR-L with custom parts high res model         
 Italian SMG "Spectre", Spas 12, Uzi high res model for 1:6 toy 3D-printing (Sideshow Toys)   
 More 1:6 toy assets               
Here are two examples of the 1:6 dioramas
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@warxsnake: Thank you for dropping on here, been admiring your blog for a long time behind the curtains, enjoying your tips and timelaps videos. Great, great work- would love to be good enough to do that for a living like you do. Be sure to share more here, those are phenomenal.  
EDIT: I can't believe I got a compliment from a professional!!!  And that Anubis head was some of the first "original" things I did, too.
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@Choi: No problem :)  
I really want to do some more timelapse tutorials on here, it's a good way of getting off my gaming ass and doing something at home while benefiting the community here. 
Edit: the anubis head reminded me of the scene I made as part of a class back in 05.  
I cringe everytime I look at this... thing
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Have a untextured Whale Shark

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@warxsnake: You totally should. We've got a LOT to learn from you. Can you please tell me what tablet or other touchscreen/pad thing setup you're using?  
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@Choi: Yeah sure. At home I use a Wacom Intuos 3 6x9. At work we are "beta testing" the intuos 4; like there's anything to test! It's better on all fronts. I'll be buying that for home use once I get my next paycheck.
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Warxsnake is going to win this thread by a landslide but I may as well put up some of my crap. 

Some old 3D from a project last year. Had to recreate a building we knew, everyone else I knew made modern buildings so I went the other way and tried to recreate this old abandoned cinema that sat in the middle of town.
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I made this thing to try and understand colour theory and procedurals. Still can't figure out how to make a good, complimentary background for it though :-\
I'll post my current WIP once the latest renders.
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Roughly two hours later...

Have a lot more work to do on it....
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@Kjellm87: Hey, that looks neat. Is that your render under the mesh? nice. 
@rflx: Great after effects on the frog one! And a creepy, creepy expression on that face man, and I love metal, but the music doesn't help making it any less scary  =) You do this for a living? Studying?  
 @Soap: hey, uhm, soap my man- what's real and whats not on those pictures? post the originals please? Damn man, you're good =) 
@Akrid: Nice one man! The first one looks like a Mario Galaxy planet. And a fun one at that. Really like the red/orange house on the other one. 
Here was my early attempt at a mustang: 
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@Choi said:

@rflx: Great after effects on the frog one! And a creepy, creepy expression on that face man, and I love metal, but the music doesn't help making it any less scary  =) You do this for a living? Studying? 

Thanks. Well, my job description is 3D artist, but at work I don't do anything quite as fun as that. Those were just personal projects. Except the origami one, that was work-related, sortof.

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Wow, a lot of mindblowing stuff right there.
Anyway, here's my little contribution to the thread. Render sucks, I know.

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I've been admiring warxsnake blog for a long time behind the curtains, too. 
This is my first model completely done  in Zbrush. You can find the original rendered tank picture (made by Steve Warnar) in Pixologic Website. Just bought Zbrush about two months ago, after spending some time learning the basic, I started this project hoping that I will be more familiar with hard surface sculpting in Zbrush. It's still a long way from finish, though...... 



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@OP you cant just MAKE an offical thread. There are pay offs. Sexual favors. And many other things you gotta do before the paper work even starts. Then you gotta wait for approval which can take 5 months to a year. Then you gotta wait for the permit. 

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A city I python scripted in Maya back in 2009. 
 Also here is an octopus attacking a helicopter, also from 2009. This was before I got taught texturing so it's all just lambert textures or ambient occlusion.

I will post some of my recent stuff soon, I can't show you my recent animation project as it is being submitted for a few festivals ^_^ 
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Awesome stuff everyone! 
Crysis / MGS doodle before going to bed :D

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@The_Laughing_Man: I'm all for sexual favors!  
@Sweep: Very nice, like the clean, slick design of the village. I don't know what and how python scripting works, but I guess it has to do with house placing and patterns. 
 @warxsnake: You sir, are going to make me cry, this is phenomenal and I hate Croatia for not having a 3d design collage I can go to =(  
BTW, the "nose" and eyes parts kinda remind me of Optimus Prime from the new Transformer movies. This is so good it's ridiculous. 
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How do you subscribe to a thread? Anybody know?

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This is the coolest thread I've ever seen.

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Huge favor to ask of the artists here.  I am only just beginning (about six months now) and would like to know some of the resources you guys used for education on how to construct all this art.  Currently I would love to reconstruct the building I work in for their use (more a random surprise than being asked to) within the UDK environment.  However, I have a lot of trouble with obtaining a solid understanding on all the fundamentals of transferring work to other programs, and simply with where to begin.  Currently I have Max, Maya, Photoshop, (the whole 3D Suite collection) and am getting ZBrush this weekend.  Any pointers are greatly, GREATLY, appreciated.

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I made this once 

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Heres a model of Venom I made, It was created using 3DS Max and Photoshop. 
I'm on the second year of my course atm and unfortunately we're not allowed to use zBrush or any sculpting software at present. Can't wait to give it a go though.


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@snazzle: You're probably thinking of video tutorials and such, right? I can't help you with UDK, but there are some great tutorials out there. 
Digital Tutors
Gnomon Workshop 
Hope that helped, otherwise I understood you wrong =)
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For basic instruction on how to import assets into UDK, try 
You don't need to install any plugins to export static meshes from 3dsMAX to UDK( the plugin is for animation), just export you max file to ASCII. Then inside UDK, you can open the content browser and import that file.
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 Thanks to this thread, instead of playing more video games, I decideded to finish my tank model a couple days ago. 
Today, I got a few hours to set up the material inside Zbrush. 
Since there hasn't been any more awesome work being posted here for more than a week now, I thought maybe I should post my finished model here. 
I am a three-month-old Zbrush user, and this is my first 100%-done-in-Zbrush model, so it may look amateurish. Please don't laugh at me >_< 




I am so noobish, I don't even know how to post a larger image. If you think they are too small to see the details, you can find the original 1920*1080 renders in the image section of my profile. 
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@shulinchung: MAN, that tank is badass! Those don't look amateurish one bit. KUDOS! Glad you found this thread inspiring enough to finish your work. Keep it up. I know for a fact that there are more 3d artists here, this thread just needs to get more publicity =) 
Thanks for contributing. Excellent work. Can't wait to see more from you.
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 Experimenting with different textures texturing my sackboy model. Work in progress.

Which one looks the best?

 UV snapshot
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There's some really amazing stuff here, I have noting to contribute (I'm terrible at art) but I just wanted to drop in to say how amazing some of this stuff is.

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If any of the artists who contributed to this thread are still checking it, I'd just like to say... wow.  You folks do some amazing work!


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