refresh rate on 3D games

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so i'm curious about something, they said on the bombcast that if you want 60 FPS in a 3D game developers basically have to build it to run at 120 FPS.  So does that mean, for PC games anyway, that you should set your refresh rate to 120 Hz?
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No, you shouldn't set your refresh rate to 120 Hz to play 3D games on the PC.
You absolutely need to.

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Well you will need one of those 3d pc monitors that runs at 120Hz. I never actually own one of those, however it uses two dvi slots to fill in all the frames, not just one. Second getting 120 frames out of a videocard is sort of difficult, you need a very powerful card to do that. Your 3d glasses will automatically cut the framerates in half with it's shutter to whatever your videocard is rendering. At least that's how I understand it.

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It would be best to have them at a high framerate to reduce the strobing effect.
And yes, if a 3D game is 60 fps, it would need to run at 120 fps if shown in 2D.

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