EA teases not 'Grass Effect' probably PvZ 2..

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'Plants Vs. Zombies' X 'Mass Effect' = 'Grass Effect'

Polygon: EA teases Grass Effect mashup for E3

It seems that Popcap is actually developing this one, rather than Bioware.


I remember like a year ago reading that EA wanted to do a Plants Vs. Zombies F2P shooter, ala Team Fortress 2. But I sure didn't expect this one!. Hrm. I like that melee' thing, the red-head boxer-cactus. The Venus-Flytrap would do acid-spit?. I could even imagine Left 4 Dead gameplay, where the flytrap is the heavy that 'vomits' acid over the enemies. Probably too gross. [Actually, I imagine this probably way tamer, and simpler now that I think of it.. Popcap.] Then there's the happy sunflower, the medic I would think. And the Pea-Shooter on the right.

I wonder though if they would be fighting Reapers, and would they use Mass Effect 3 multiplayer levels. They were pretty fun!. And how many cameos would the Zombies, disco, and Crazy Dave make?. I approve. :D

Update 1: Yea, now I'm thinking this is just turning out to be 'Plants Vs. Zombie 2.' IGN also reported on this, and EA put this other image on their Facebook.

IGN: Plants vs Zombies Teases Mass Effect, Dead Space Crossovers

Until we find out more, IGN has provided the following list of better Plants vs. Zombie/EA crossover puns:

  • Mirror’s Hedge
  • Need for Seed
  • Petal of Honor
  • Army of Tulips
  • BattleFIELD
  • Compost & Conquer
  • Crysisanthemum
  • Dragon's Sage
  • Tiger Wood
  • Spore

Oh well..

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Since Popcap has already announced they are working on the next PvZ game I wouldn't be surprised if this is all part of the marketing push. But at the same time I don't expect it to have anything to do with the Mass Effect universe other than maybe some easter eggs.

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Time to fuck a plant lady.

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@brodehouse said:

Time to fuck a plant lady.

Dat sunflower.

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Smoke some of dat green.

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Well I thought it was just mash-up fan art when I saw that. Didn't think it was really going to be a game. Hmm...

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Actually I'm surprised PopCap hasn't done this sooner: Re-skin Plants vs Zombies into other themed games where Mass Effect works just as well as anything.

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I like it..............

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A shooter under the PvZ IP just sounds like a terrible idea.

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I am Crazy Dave, and this is my favourite game on the lawn.

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I found that they put a Dead Space knockoff of probably-Crazy-Dave, on their Facebook. Its probably Plants Vs. Zombies 2.. Mlah..

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I think that dead space pun is just one of the zombies from PVZ, this makes more sense than a weird cross over game, smart edit.

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Grass Effect? I see what you did there EA, I see.

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