• Production
  • Les Edgar - Les takes care of all the boring jobs that have to be dones in teh company, like getting up in the morning and writing out the pay checks It's his job to keep the Team topped up with enthusiasm. He can often be heard saying, "Isn't tht bloody thing finished yet?" Les's main interest in the company is bringing together all the different parts that go into making a brilliant game. *from Bullfrog Biography in Populous Game Manual*
  • Peter Molyneux - Peter is the backbone of the programming team and is an all round good egg. He masterminds teh innovative technology used in most of our games and keeps track of all the projects currently on the boil. Peter's main interest is in the strategy aspect of our games; he's spent a long tiem building up a large library of routines for use in our planned range of strategically based games *from Bullfrog Biography in Populous Game Manual*
  • Programming
  • Kevin Donkin - Kevin programs computers. He's only happy when he's at a keyboard. Sometimes we have to bodily drag him away from cash dispenser machines. kevin has doen a lot of the unseen coding in our products; that's the stuff he tells us he's done, but can never be found. *from Bullfrog Biography in Populous Game Manual*
  • Visual Arts
  • Andrew Jones - Andy does a lot of our graphics work, like creating impossible levels and strange looking characters. These are generally based on hallucinations he's had while listening to incredibly loud heavy metal music. Andy's main interst is adding small details to the graphics in the games and spending a lot of time testing out new ideas as they pour forth from teh Team. *from Bullfrog Biography in Populous Game Manual*
  • Glenn Corpes - Glenn is our resident graphics and Atari specialist ho originally joined our company to head our graphics team, but who now refuses to do any graphics because he prefers programming. Glenn's attitude towards work is to treat all suggested improvements to the game as totally impossible until nobody's looking. Then he sneaks away and does it. *from Bullfrog Biography in Populous Game Manual*
  • Audio
  • David Hanlon - Dave writes most of the music for our games and complains when we only allow him 256 bytes to put it in. Dave has been a musician for several years and uses a complex Amiga setup to produce his excellent results. *from Bullfrog Biography in Populous Game Manual*
  • Rob Hubbard
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sean Cooper - Sean does all of our beta testing. He's the person who takes the stick for finding any bugs that may have slipped past the Team. *from Bullfrog Biography in Populous Game Manual*
  • Unclassified
  • Bruce E. McMillan
  • Kazuo Sawa
  • Michael Arkin

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