Are the Steam options on PS3 worth it?

#1 Posted by onlineatron (190 posts) -

Nobody seems to be talking about the Steam features on PS3. Most sites are choosing to review the PC or Xbox version.

I was planning to get the game for my PS3 because of the Steam implementation; but the radio silence makes me wonder if they are worth it. I could buy the game cheaper, for my Mac (i know, but I haven't got a decent PC!), would I be making a mistake if I did that?

Thoughts on Portal 2, on PS3, and it's Steam features.  

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Go watch the live stream right now. They're using both the PC and PS3 versions to play co-op. That'll give you a good idea about Steam on the PS3.

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It's the computer-PS3 connectivity and the free Steam copy that make it worth it. The overlay is fine, but not enough to make it a killer feature.

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I'd say they make it worth it. Also from a couple sites that had screenshot comparisons between the console version, the ps3 looked way better than the 360 version. There's really no reason to get a 360 version unless that's your only choice.

#5 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

the cross platform co-op makes it a big deal in my book

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I got the PS3 version so i could play co-op with my mac friends. Also, it runs and looks great :)

#7 Posted by Boiglenoight (599 posts) -

I like being able to chat with my Steam friends while playing Portal.  I've gotten more use out of my wireless keyboard in the past 24 hours than I have all year.

#8 Posted by DrMcKittrick (264 posts) -

I have the PS3 version and it looks incredible.  This is one of those games where they could've made serious bank off a CE with a Friendship Cube or something.

#9 Posted by ajamafalous (12448 posts) -

From watching the live stream last night, it seems like a good implementation of the Steam overlay.

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They aren't choosing to review the 360 or PC versions. Those will be the copies of the game they're get sent. Review copies are nearly always 360 copies because there are more 360's out there. I thought it would be different with Portal 2 because of the way they're pushing the extra PS3 features, but apparently not. All of the sites who got early copies seem to have received the 360 version, since that's the version they reviewed. I guess it might have something to do with EA distributing the retail copies? If they're also distributing press copies they're probably just automatically doing what they normally do. I don't know.

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I'd say so.


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