Dude proposes to his girlfriend with an Portal 2 level ...

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Trenched Portal 2 is a game about love.

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*Wipes a tear*
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They had a discussion on This Is Only A Test about super geeky proposals a while ago. This beats any of the ones mentioned by a mile. I can't wait for all developers entry into the proposal market after Gearbox and Valve have been so successful. I think Suda 51 would make an excellent proposal developer, I just know it.

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that was beautiful
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Nicely done. The levels were pretty elaborate.

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I'm not going to lie: I was moved.

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I want a rejection using Portal 2.

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Yeah that was amazing.

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What is this I don't even
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Incredibly well done.

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Well, if she's a gamer i guess it's kind of romantic....or at least innovative. But i mean come on, we all know he got the idea from the Borderlands proposal.

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That video was fantastic. A very sly way to propose with each level hinting at it more and more.

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Manly tears we're shed. 
and who said all gamers are lonley basement dwellers?

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That is pretty awesome. also Tested called it!

May I also add that it's super cool of Valve to do this for the guy. Kudos

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Here is the link to the Cinematic Version if you missed it somehow.

Cinematic Version

Anyway, that's a pretty cool proposal. The fact that they got Ellen Mclain to do voiceover is pretty awesome.

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Dull video was dull. More then half of it was him doing completely unrelated custom levels purely so that he could set up the lasers at the end. I couldn't care less that he made some cool shit in order to get each cube, that's not the thing I came to a "Dude proposes to girlfriend with an Portal 2 level" for. It finally got cool when the actual proposal happened, though.

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That's amazing!

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This is pretty awesome. Getting Ellen McLain is by the far the coolest thing. Great work all around.

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That was amazing. At the end when the song started playing I actually got the tingly spine thing. What a happy project and outcome.

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Awwww :)

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That was the best thing I've seen in a long, long time. Dare I say it... that was amazing. A tear in my eye!

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That was very well done. 
Proposing LOL

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While I won't do it personally, I envy the sentiment attached to it.

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