Female gamer does amazing portal 2 walkthrough video (spoilers?)

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This video only contains footage from the very beginning of the game and I have to say I came away from it amazed, I found the level of skill on display here unbelievable. I literally couldn't believe it. Anyway the really good stuff is after the four minute mark. I'm sure this speaks to the quality of some of the personalities out there of there doing this sort of thing. I just wanted to share this with Giant Bomb and see what peoples reaction is, I know for me personally I felt smarter just watching it. I wasn't familiar with Ijustine before this, I found this video because Frank Howley made a parody cut the rope walkthrough. 
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If she is so good, why is she playing the console version?

EDIT:  Never mind, she retarded.

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@craigbo180 said:
"Ijustine.  "
 Yeah, no thanks.
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@craigbo180: I see what you did there.
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That's painful.....I can't look away.
Its getting so much worse. She is so close, I'm rooting for this girl.

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Not funny. Turned off after 71 seconds.

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@cheebaking: I think she makes money from these videos so technically that makes her a professional gamer, rightly so! Worth every penny as I also could not look away from this video! Everyone loves a car crash!
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Let's be honest here though, she is kinda hot and I wouldn't pass up a date with her.

For lack of a better word, I'd touch her shoulder.

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Wow, a somewhat attractive blond girl pretending to fulfill her stereotype. Soo funny. O wait, no it's not.

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:( I was trying to think of something witty to post, but this goes beyond witty comments and into plain :( territory, as in I was actually frowning for the majority of this video.

In my playthrough, when I got to the part where you had to get across the gap, my initial thought was that I had to fling myself across instead of just putting a portal on the wall. I thought I was stupid, but apparently not :o

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@Positrark said:
" Wow, a somewhat attractive blond girl pretending to fulfill her stereotype. Soo funny. O wait, no it's not. "
Trying? I would say it was a triumph.

Huge success.
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not an eyeball

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She will do anything for more money...seriously.

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@Portis said:
" @craigbo180 said:
"Ijustine.  "
 Yeah, no thanks. "
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The guy she lives with, Toby Turner, is a lot better at making these kinds of videos (and his Literal trailers are great).

Their Little Big Planet 2 co-op videos are kinda fun too, Justine is a fun person. 
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"am i missing the concept of the portal... thing." Yes! Yes, you are.

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A shame, she seems like she could be a good LPer if she'd stop pretending to be stupid. 

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I think she broke her funny bone.

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The feeling of watching this is an amazing blend of funny and fucking infuriating. Bitching and moaning while making the same mistakes over and over. Holy shit\, just stop and fucking think for a minute!

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Didn't laugh once.

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The only thing worse than stupid people, fake stupid people.

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@Vodun: Yes in reality her IQ is actually off the charts.
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Good thing there's tons of guys out there failing with their walkthrough vids as well, so this one failure for girl gamers isn't bothering me in the slightest ^_^

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       This movie comes to mind called smileyface.


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*shakes head in disapproval*
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I have chills of the douche variety. 

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I hated it when she was added to GTTV and I hate this. 

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I was gonna ask why you had to point out she was female, but I see the point of that now.

I'm really indifferent. Watched for a minute and I'm not sure if it's a sincere attempt at humour or not. Either way, I don't care.
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I hate people on YT who desperately try to act funny.

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I dunno what's scarier.. if it's a ruse, or if she's really that dense...

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Justine... I don't like her. Something about her annoys me... I don't like Vloggers and shit like that on youtube anyways.

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@Portis said:
" @craigbo180 said:
"Ijustine.  "
 Yeah, no thanks. "
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...Christ, this has already got more attention that it deserves.

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Women arent funny, Jerry Lewis was right. This is just one of those stunted virgin things like Boxxy isnt it.

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@WatanabeKazuma: I know but I can't help myself, I just love things I hate. I feel sorry for the people that only had the patience for a minute or so, the back end of the video is what's teeth grindingly bad.
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This is soo cringeworthy it's unbelievable. Also I didn't see the funny aspect of this at all. Acting like a complete moron isn't humorous, and if you think it is- you're setting us back as a species.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:
" @Portis said:
" @craigbo180 said:
"Ijustine.  "
 Yeah, no thanks. "
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I can't stand iJustine
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There goes Justine's credibility among gamers for her Gametrailers TV segment.

Here's a tip, get someone who actually understands Portal to explain you the levels so that for your next 'episodes' (*cringe*) you can try and actually minimize the damage...

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Yeah she's surprised that she's not an "eyeball" even though she was sleeping in a bed like a human at the beginning of the game. 

The entertainment value kind of depends on how you interpret it though. If you look at it as satire, it's not half bad. 
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People understandabley hate this? Then I will choose to love this like its metahumor! Rebel4lyfe.

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@Geno: I don't think so can call it satire if its not intended. Obviously you could think she really knew the workings of the game all along and the puzzles would have been no problem for her but she played up the struggle so it would get more views... that is something that a person could think.

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