Find a Portal 2 Co-op Buddy - "PSN is finally up!" Edition

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Name says it all. 
Post your PSN username and how much (if any) of the co-op you managed to complete before the servers assploded. I guess you can also post your Steam name if for some crazy reason you haven't finished the co-op campaign either, but I'd rather have a group of people that haven't finished it (so it's fun for everyone). And 360 Portal 2 owners need not apply. 

I'll go first:


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You reflect your avatar

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@bigsmoke77 said:
You reflect your avatar
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psn: subtek

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PSN: Tearhead

#6 Posted by harvey_the_pooka (271 posts) -

PSN: norenewalfee 

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PSN: DarthEns

Let's get this Portal 2 co-op going.

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I finished Co-Op while PSN was down and am looking for someone who hasn't started yet, to get the related Trophy, and to just play some Portal 2.
PSN: Geo7877

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I already finished it over Steam last month.  

PSN being down really killed it for some people I'm guessing.

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Posted in the other thread earlier but played through the last 2 hubs with randoms last night.

Haven't played through the first few yet so I'm pretty bass ackwards.

PSN: youdontseesnake
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PSN: Nixtwix

I've only passed the first 4 rooms or something with randoms. Add me!

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Thinking about starting this tonight since I have some free time.  Anyone available around 5:30PM CT?

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PSN: Robeau424 

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PSN: TheFours

0% on co-op, please add if you find this post. Would be nice to work on it, and get the trophies

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I'd like to get the Plat on the PS3. Need a coop buddy.

PSN: Berek

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