GameOverCast discuss their unrequited love with Portal 2

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 In Episode 47 of the GameOverCast (a show heavily influenced and inspired by the Bombcast) we spend a whole bunch of the show talking everything Portal 2,
how much we laughed, cried and died. Stuff covered:
-The Coop
-The Personality thats gone into Glados, Wheatley the turrets and co
-The quality of the voice acting
-The difficulty curve
-Our favourite moments
-The puzzles
-The new tools, such as the gel.
-Our opinions of the level design
-We even go into major detail of the ending, the hidden meanings and what we thought of the final encounter, and the final moments of the game, but Don't worry there are massive spoiler tags in the show that you cannot miss!
-You get to hear the cast doing their best impressions of the turrets...

Check out the Episode here: Episode 47. Its teh funnies(with some mixed in intelligent gaming conversation), though obviously its not quite as good as GiantBombCast(an understatement no doubt) :).

Are you still there(done in a turrets voice.....)?

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