How good does your computer need to be?

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I was wondering how good your computer needs to be to run Portal 2.
I have an Hp Pavilion dv6 and it's in good condition.

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It's Source. It'll run on a calculator. 
But, to be sure, check out this site:

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@Keenblaze: That's a relieve, just wondering. What is source?
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@Twitchey said:
@Keenblaze: That's a relieve, just wondering. What is source?
Source is the game engine used to create the world, the character models, and everything else you see in the game. Source is well-known for being easy to run on even basic machines while still looking impressive. 
Again, if you want to be sure, try
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@Keenblaze said:

It's Source. It'll run on a calculator.

But, to be sure, check out this site:

do you know a site like can you run it for mac?

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Source pretty much runs well on everything at this point.

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Source is a very unique engine, in that it runs really well on anything. As for a mac, source didn't work so well on my macbook pro 15. But that was when they first released source for mac. Maybe they have made progress with the engine for macs.

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Source came out when everyone still had pentium 4s. I think you would fine.

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