I made a Portal 2 wallpaper if anyone wants it.

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thoughts? requests?

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Pretty cool, I'll add it to my backgrounds!

I really like the image on the right.

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@npeterson08: I love that pic too. It wasn't the right aspect for a desktop, so I thought I'd throw a little extra on there in case those who are going to order the poster have something passable on their desktop.
Kudos to the artist for sure.
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It looks like two separate posters and I don't think they look well together.

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The small image looks good enough, I'll save it off of your profile and see how it looks on my desktop.


What exactly are you meaning by requests? Like are you taking requests to make desktops? :)

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@Axxol: thanks for the honesty. It felt a little too bare without anything else, so putting something else on there was just experimental.
 @WoodenPlatypus: I agree, the artist did a sick job, and thought about just leaving it as is but felt naked as a full screen desktop. To answer the second part, yea.. I'm always up for improving / revising. If there's enough request I can do multiple versions, or tailor it to something most everyone will like! 
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I really like the layout of the background and the way the two images work into one another. The image on the right is great. I dont think it really works with my desktop though which is a shame because I like the image.

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@WoodenPlatypus: Do you mean it doesn't work with the colors/icons of your desktop? Or... And you did go to "see bukkookkub's 260 images" then clicked on the magnifying glass to get the full resolution picture, right?

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The colored rings are a bit.. not sure why but they strain my eyes for some reason. Would probably have been fine with some splotches of the two jells.
Aside from that, I'd definitely make that my 1920x1200 wallpaper.

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Yeah I did :) Its a tad too big for my desktop but it still looks good. Ive no idea it just doesnt feel like it goes well with the look of my desktop, im changing the rainmeter theme though when I find one that really catches my eye then maybe I'll come back to it and see if it works then.  Ill include a picture of my desktop to see if you can understand where Im coming from.




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Borrowed a couple of icons  from the net and turned it into a ps3 theme.

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@bukkookkub:  i love it! thank you. been looking around for a proper wallpaper version of the P2 movie poster

thanks again
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@HrMagni:Cool, I hope you get some use out of it!

@WoodenPlatypus: That looks sick! Nice work! Do you have the PS3 file for that theme? I like the icons.

@Ahmad_Metallic: thanks for checking it out! I'll probably do a version in black sometime too. That poster is too nice not to have somewhere. 
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Looks fantastic! I'd love a 1920 x 1080 version to add to my wallpaper collection.

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Pretty cool stuff. I might like it better if they image on the right bled off the page a bit, but otherwise pretty tight.

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updated 1st to 1920x1080 and added a black version.

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