"Peer Review" is now available (360)

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Peer Review is now up on the XBL Marketplace (under Game Addons, Portal 2, not spotlighted yet) 1.37 GB download. Not available on Steam yet, it seems. No idea about PSN either.

Description text says there's both singleplayer and multiplayer challenges.

EDIT: The singleplayer "content" just appears to be time-trial and fewest-portal challenges (no steps challenges this time) for the story levels. Nothing unique.

Similar for the multiplayer, new leaderboards for the original courses, but there's also another series of levels called "Art Therapy".

Took about 2 hours to get through it with a random dude I met on XBL. As always, with Portal, the reason some of the puzzles took so long is because of overthinking the situation. It's a total "Of course!" once you see the proper solution. Pretty decent overall, and you can't argue the price.

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I couldn't find it in the marketplace, but found it by popping the disc in and hitting the download free DLC button.

#3 Posted by A_Cute_Squirtle (779 posts) -

Downloaded it, and I don't even have the game yet. Woo!

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@Aishan said:

Took about 2 hours to get through it with a random dude I met on XBL.

That why you play locally with a friend or a sibling, its much easier when you can see the other guys screen

#5 Posted by Aishan (1042 posts) -

@kashif1: You can see your partner's screen online too (Y button).

#6 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

@Aishan: Don't worry, I'll force you to play co-op with me once I get the game.

#7 Posted by Aishan (1042 posts) -

@Cincaid: But I already know all the solutions!

#8 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

@Aishan: Even better! You know how dumb I am.

#9 Posted by BeachThunder (13141 posts) -

Hm, I actually don't think I can be bothered doing the whole challenge mode thing :(

#10 Posted by Aishan (1042 posts) -

@BeachThunder: I'm with you. The new co-op levels are fun to play, but I couldn't really care less about leaderboard rankings for the singleplayer stuff.

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@Aishan: It's up on Steam too! Or at least, Portal 2 just had a 770mb update.

#12 Posted by Springfart (412 posts) -

how do you unlock the new multiplayer challenges?

#13 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Is it still free? Or has Microsoft not yet fired the guy who didn't like free content for 360 games?

#14 Posted by Ghostmut (23 posts) -

how do you access the new content?

#15 Posted by Aishan (1042 posts) -

@Springfart: @Ghostmut:

It's immediately in front of where you spawn in the multiplayer hub. Just portal over, step on both the buttons and you'll be sent over to the new area.

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