Personality Spheres, who else would you like to hear?

#1 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

OK, so Stephen Merchant of The Office is doing Wheatley. Not a bad choice. But what it really did was make me want a depressed  Karl Pilkington sphere in there real bad.
But if you could pick anybody to do the voice over work for one of these companions who would you pick? Who's voice would you like to guide you through the tricks and traps of Aperture Science? And what would they be called? 
The thought of a Sam Jackson sphere banging on about how he's "Sick and tired of these Mutha Fucking Turrets in his Mutha Fucking Portals!" makes me giggle, even if it's not Valves style.

#2 Posted by Jimbo (9809 posts) -

Jeff's French / Mexican / Italian voice.

#3 Posted by Animasta (14691 posts) -

Morgan Freeman.

#4 Posted by Saseav (56 posts) -

mark hamill. 

#5 Posted by one_2nd (2359 posts) -

The guy who was the cross-dresser in The Silence of the Lambs and the captain from Monk. I forgot his name. 

#6 Posted by AlisterCat (5559 posts) -

Nolan North playing a Nolan North Sphere.

#7 Edited by Fjordson (2448 posts) -
Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords. Not sure what he'd be called, though.
#8 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6188 posts) -

Rip Torn is the answer to this question and every other question ever asked.  You may go.

#9 Posted by BeachThunder (11927 posts) -

A SHODAN sphere.

#10 Posted by JackSukeru (5911 posts) -

Patrick Stewart doing a Picard sphere!

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