Portal 2 Anagrams?

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Portal is one of my favorite games. It's that damn good. So, naturally, the announcement of a complete, stand-alone Portal 2 (complete with co-op) had me pretty excited. Now, when I was reading the news for myself on Steam's website, I noticed that some of the letters in the statement were underlined... 
D R A T T M A N N H N E E and the number 0
An anagram for "Earthman0End"? 
Am I over thinking this one? Or is this more of Valve's cryptic shenanigans?
  The statement     
1954 possible anagrams.  
Can't wait for this game.

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It's a username/password login for the BBS.  
username is dratmann 
password is h0nee

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Nice! Link to the BBS?

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I noticed one of the possible anagrams is "Head Remnant" which makes a lot of sense as to how/if GLaDOS still exists. 
Also link to BBS please, I have to check it out.

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