Portal 2 backstage demo video - Lube and bouncy-walls gameplay!

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#2 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5413 posts) -

Ohhh orange lines that make you run faster and blue bouncy walls :O 
Looks like a lot of good improvements. Should be awesoooome!

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Wow, now it's totally apparent why Valve got the guys that made this game:

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@Chaser324:  Wow, you may have a point there.
Is there a good concept page for stuff like this?
#5 Posted by Hitchenson (4682 posts) -

Oh man, looks like the Source Engine has had an upgrade or two as well. Can't wait for this.

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Thank you so much! I've been waiting for a game play video all day, but no site has delivered.

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This game looks fucking nuts! I loved the first one and cant wait to play the sequel myself. I was gonna get it on PC, but after hearing the PS3 reveal, I'll probably switch to that version.

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Looks amazing. Not that I expected anything else.

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Looks great.  I think I did expect less than this, hype +1.

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This video really helps explaining the new aditions, because Jeff talking about it in the podcast just confused me...
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Here is a interview with Valve by 1UP about the new goo gameplay and more:

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This looks fantastic. 

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I seriously couldn't be more thrilled. Well, maybe that's an overstatement, but this really seems like it's going to be opening up a lot of new gameplay options. Good enough in my books.

#14 Posted by GrumpyTheDorf (64 posts) -

I cannot wait for this, but it looks hella hard

#15 Posted by Landon (4138 posts) -

I loved Portal, but I wasn't challenged enough by it. Really looking forward to this.

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Looks amazing 

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Nice. I just hope people don't make too big a deal out of this game. The first one was a neat little puzzle game with mildly amusing writing, but all that OMG BEST GAME EVAR shit kind of killed it for me. 
It's like Halo. I have nothing against the games themselves, but the fanbase sort of makes me wish they were never developed.

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mind = blown. 

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I have updated the first post with videos from the entire E3 Portal 2 demo from IGN. ( Source)
The new videos show one of the personality cubes jeff described in the bombcast, do not miss!

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love the British personality cube

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