Portal 2 custom maps.

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Next week I will be leaving town for a week to a relative's house. The only problem with this is that their internet is slower than dial up. 
I want to play Portal 2 co-op on my computer but now I can't.
So I need help to get my Portal fix. Where would I go to find a large library of custom Portal 2 maps and how would I download and install them?   
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@Ossi: So once I download a map it's in the game instantly or do I have to go through a process?
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@Twitchey: The map creators usually place instructions with their maps in the readme file. But all you have to do is place the .bsp file into the maps directory of portal 2 and then run a "changelevel" command to the map you want via portal 2's in-game console.
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@Ossi: Sorry to ask you so many questions but where would I find the Portal 2 file on Windows 7, I downloaded the game with Steam if that helps you.
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@Twitchey: In your steam directory you go to steamapps/common/portal 2/portal 2/maps   Place your files in there. Also, Infininja posted a really great map site as well, I forgot about that one.

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