Portal whiners

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I've  seen a bunch of people complaining about Valves "aggressive" advert campaign with the Potato Sack and what not. Seriously someone compared them to activision and a bunch more have said they will never buy another valve game. Take a look on metacritic *disclaimer: I know metacritic sucks* but these 100+ negative reviews I can't tell if it's trolling or actual butthurt but it really bothers me.What about you?
Note: I haven't played it yet but I know i'm going to love it regardless

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Though I've long recognized that gamers are entitled fucks, the rage I've seen directed at Portal 2 has been surprising. I still don't really understand what people are upset about. The ARG was fun, the paid DLC is totally optional and the game is of a decent length (especially when you factor in the co-op compaign).

Why are folks so butt-hurt about these things?
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@MurderByDeath said:
Why are folks so butt-hurt about these things?

Because it's cool to hate on the popular things?

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