Spoiler cast?

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someone said the GB Spoilercast of portal 2 was up. but i cant seem to find it. any buddy? 

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And thus the perfect storm of Dale cooper was completed.
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Wah? Is that the new theme? Season 4 inbound?

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@MiniPato said:
" Wah? Is that the new theme? Season 4 inbound? "
No, old theme music.
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@MiniPato said:

" Wah? Is that the new theme? Season 4 inbound? "

That's a very old theme that's been used for several irregular Bombcasts. They used it for the MGS4 spoilercast in 2009, for example.
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The podcast was interesting, I would have liked if more was asked about future of the Portal series considering the ending of the game but I don't suppose they would have revealed much anyway.

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sorry if this has already been answered somewhere but why hasn't this podcast been officially released? 

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@Danyal: I'm guessing because the site was down and they don't work on the weekends
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thank you

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I probably won't play Portal 2 till the end of the year. Yet, I'm still listening to this... I can't stop myself!

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