Tag The Power of Paint video game (Portal 2 gel mechanics)

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Just wanted to point out that those gel gameplay mechanics were already made in a great freeware game Tag: The Power of Paint. 
Everyone stoked for Portal 2 should check it out. 
Did you guys know this and what do you think about  Valve taking ideas like that? Come to think about it, those guys are now probably working for Valve anyway.

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its always a struggle : 
to hate rip-offs and strongly protest them 
or to accept them and just appreciate the original source ? 
Anyway, should be fun.

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As you said, a number of those guys now are working on Portal 2...a similar thing happened with Portal 1. Anyway, I guess I should play this game sometime before Portal 2.

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@BeachThunder: Yeah I know, the Narbacular Drop guys.  
What do you think about hiring ideas and people like that? It's great that the little guy with a great idea can make it out there. 
I duplicated the thread. How do I delete it? =(
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@Choi: i PM'd the moderators
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@Ahmad_Metallic: Thx. 
Did you guys know about this game? When you play it, tell me what you think about it here. 
I really liked it but is pretty short and lacks some crazy end game levels. But a very interesting take on the Portal series. Can't wait to see it all combined.
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I must say this is VERY similar to what Valve are doing in Portal 2.

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@Meowayne said:
" I must say this is VERY similar to what Valve are doing in Portal 2. "
no shiz
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It would be nice to fantasize how there are game development agents that scout new talents on  colleges and the internets, and they come to you so you don't have to start small and work your way up the chain. 
Not gonna happen here in Croatia thou. "Hey CroTeam, hit me up sometime ; )"

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