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The LittleBigPlanet community created physical logic gates so that they could create more advanced contraptions in their levels. In that game you had to do this for even simple AND logic, which is something the new Portal 2 editor does automatically. Just for fun, I played around a bit with the components in the editor, and made OR and XOR logic.

The OR Gate works by activating two glass panels in the way of a laser. If they're both down, the sensor is activated. If either or both of the panels is activated, the laser is cut off from the sensor. Reversing this output yields an OR operation on the input. I then built an XOR gate using two of these OR gates, and two NOT gates to convert their output for an implicit AND operation when the two floor sensors (see the third screenshot) are connected to the target.

I took these components and put together a 2-bit adder which fills a room. It's also a bit of a performance hog, I'm guessing because it uses 14 lasers.

Since these screenshots I've revised the level with logic based on designs by echeese

Two Bit Remix

Logic diagram for 2-bit addition:

This was just for fun, but OR and NOT logic could be useful in a standard level.

For instance, if you want be able to open a path between two rooms from either room, you can use the OR gate to connect two buttons to a glass panel.

And if you want a object to activate when one switch is on but another is off, you can use a NOT gate.

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I made posted a new map with a video of the build and some solution:

  Here's a direct link to the map: [link]
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@McFace: I played your levels. They were too hard for me and the maze one had too much walking. You should try and make all the elements of the puzzle visible at all times, or at least from a vantage point, otherwise solving it becomes more figuring out what you have to work with rather than how to use what you have.

If anyone wants to try out my levels they are easy enough. I've only made two so far. The first just getting used to the editor and the second one I wanted to make a nice small test chamber a lá portal 1. It seems a lot of puzzles on the workshop are huge labyrinthine chambers that are a bit tedious to walk around and hard to figure out, I was trying to avoid that. Anyway, give them a go and hit me up with some feedback.

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You should post that stuff in the Tips thread! 
@Hugs: I haven't played them yet, but it's a good thing you have the right mind set.
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@D_W said:

You should post that stuff in the Tips thread!

@Hugs: I haven't played them yet, but it's a good thing you have the right mind set.

Ok, I'll do that.

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Here's my first attempt:

Hope y'all enjoy.

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@D_W said:

Wow not a lot of folks making map, eh?

Yeah, really fell off, it seems. I've been busy playing all the levels submitted to the thread. I just got through it all. Some of it was short or easy, but overall a lot of good ideas.

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Created a new level: Cycle

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Here's two levels I've made so far, hope you guys like em.

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