This may be one of (if not the) coolest modifications of Portal 2

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Using the alternate map editor (not from the PTI just released):

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It's not a finished product by any means, nor do I think the creator tends to do much with it considering the mod is a bit aged now, but I still think it's really interesting.

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it's nice, but i can see that being fun for only about a minute.

#3 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3349 posts) -

Clever idea, kinda boring execution.

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@ShadowConqueror said:

Clever idea, kinda boring execution.

Yea, like I said it's unfinished and only a concept. But the concept itself is really cool and I hopes someone attempts to actually do something with it using more of the tools that made Portal 2 a blast to play.

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@zombie2011 said:

it's nice, but i can see that being fun for only about a minute.

It is supposed to be fun for a minute.
#6 Posted by Tylea002 (2382 posts) -

It's cool and great someone can do that, but after that one minute of "Wow, you can play Pinball in Portal 2!" then there's a hell of a lot better digital pinball games to play.

#7 Posted by GalacticGravy (664 posts) -

Well I think it's a cool idea.

#8 Posted by Redbullet685 (6221 posts) -

It's cool that he did it, but it looks really boring.

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I think some of the people are missing the part I added under the video. It isn't finished, thus why it seems boring, but the idea is still cool.

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Portal would make such a fuckin sweet pinball machine.

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