What happened to that awesome poster?

#1 Posted by Cabbage_TheMan (240 posts) -

Ryan said that it would be in the Valve store soon but it has been a while.  Are they still planning on selling it?   
Poster in question: 

#2 Posted by probablytuna (3732 posts) -

Probably. I have it set as my wallpaper right now so I don't really mind when they start selling it.

#3 Posted by MEATBALL (3334 posts) -

Wasn't aware that it was going to wind up going up for sale, I thought it was just an excellent piece of fanart.

#4 Posted by Cabbage_TheMan (240 posts) -

I can't find the article anymore.  I think Ryan wrote it though.

#5 Posted by Cabbage_TheMan (240 posts) -
@Anwar: hmm you are probably right.
#6 Posted by MEATBALL (3334 posts) -
Found it

While the folks at Valve are unlikely to grant you your greatest of wishes in playable form, one of the studio's artists, Tristan Reidford, whipped up a completely amazing '70s-style movie poster featuring the game's various characters. While your immediate reaction might just be to make it your desktop background, you can actually do yourself one better and put it on your real life, non-computerized wall, as the poster will be going on sale in the Steam store in a couple of weeks.

I should really pay more attention.
#7 Posted by Cabbage_TheMan (240 posts) -

So it's been about 3 weeks.  Hopefully we will see it up in the store soon!

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