Why aren't my Portal 2 achievements synching with GB?

#1 Posted by bkbroiler (1659 posts) -

I got them and now I can't even watch that little achievement bar increase! What was the point, even! ;_;

Is it because I'm playing on the PC? I got them at least a week ago now.

#2 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

Giant Bomb says you have 37/50. Your Steam profile says you have 44/50. Seven of them were unlocked on May 17. They should show up on Giant Bomb soon enough.

#3 Posted by Gamer_152 (14282 posts) -

Sometimes it just takes Giant Bomb a little time to sync up.

#4 Posted by LiquidSaiyan3 (504 posts) -

My achievements haven't synced either. I assumed it was a common issue when I saw this thread.

#5 Posted by bkbroiler (1659 posts) -

I had some 360 achievements that I got last night synch up today, though. That's the only reason why I wonder.

Not a big deal or anything, just curious. Thanks for replying guys.

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