Intro to GLaDOS 101: A Professor's Decision to Teach Portal

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That's very cool. "Games as art" debate aside, Video Games offer a very unique mode of storytelling, allowing greater possibilities for exploration and world-building than any other medium.

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I am really glad that Giant Bomb is expanding on the editorial side of things. GiantBomb is now a site I visit regularly for the great articles, instead of just the entertaining Bombcast and Quick Looks. Just an excellent article, Patrick.
As for the article itself, I agree with Mr. Abbott's conservative take on using video games in his theatre lecture. Portal is a good entry point, providing good gameplay and discussion points without being too cerebral or wrapped up in narrative like some other games often suggested as "art" are. Though really, he should have expected that most college guys' gaming experience is mainly with Madden and Call of Duty... glad to see it was a success nonetheless.

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Guy seems like he would be a really sweet college professor.  I hope some of my college profs will be as cool.

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I always love article/things like this as it gives some of the gaming community a wake up call that a great proportion of the audience will only play a certain type of game (sports and COD) each year. And although they are gamers, they will have little knowledge outside of that narrow band of game

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Wow, as if Portal isn't cool enough, they also read The Watchmen  and watch Blade Runner. I wish they had GEC's like this at my school

#106 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2844 posts) -

not only did he play Portal in his class, he also showed Blade Runner and The Unforgiven.
fucking awesome :-D

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I'm not used to seeing articles of this caliber on Giant Bomb. Nice work.

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