liquid1024's Portal (PC) review

Liquid looks at Portal...


Liquid looks at Portal…

Even though this is definitely not a new release it still remains in my collection of steam games that doesn’t get deleted to save hard drive space.   When it came out, with the rest of the orange box, I was, before even playing it, a fan boy.   The mind boggling idea of infinite loops and the new and refreshing game play behind an “in” hole and an “out” hole made me quite excited.   (For the dirty minds out there, keep your pants on)   Lets take a look and see why this game is still one of my favorites.

Programming: (5/5)

Going into portal I was worried that I would crash my system.   I mean the idea of an infinite loop in a video game seems, technologically challenging.   It’s like looking into two mirrors on opposite walls.   But the source engine with its “portal” tweaks handle very well, and introduced a new level of gameplay.

Graphics: (4.5/5)

At the time of writing this I have to keep in mind the fact that this game came out 3 years ago.   Not much has changed graphic wise since then, but, never the less.   I have always liked the source engine when it comes to graphics.   It can produce remarkable results when put in the right hands.   Portal was no exception.   The visuals in the game were very solid and helped to add to the flair that is the aperture lab.   I think if done on any other engine it would have lacked what it needed to be so good.  

Gameplay: (5/5)

The gameplay in Portal is what makes this game such a crowning achievement for valve.   The puzzles that you come upon are challenging at first.   But you have to look at the world through entirely different eyes.   The fact that you can do what you can do with the portals not only makes the storyline mode excellent, but makes the challenges that are available after the game an excellent addition.   Valve defiantly did very well for them selves.

Storyline: (3/5)

The storyline in Portal leaves you with a lot of questions.   And that it should. If this game didn’t have a sequel I would have a lot less faith in humanity.   Over all the story is unique and the fact that it ties into the half life universe through Black Mesa makes it all the more interesting.   The only problem I have with it is that it is incredibly short.   Like, you can play this in an hour or two, short.   So aside from having a really solid storyline and universe to take place in, there just wasn’t enough of it.  

Overall: (4/5)

Upon release Portal was never meant to be a feature length title.   Let’s face it, Portal was packaged with all sorts of other goodies.   From what I understand it was an experiment of the gameplay and how the public would react.   And react they did.   Portal is an excellent game with many hours of replayablity.   It definitely left a good taste in the mouths of millions.   So I defiantly recommend that you pick this one up.   Which is easy to do, because it is now free on steam.    


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Nice review buddy.

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Stop with the segmented reviews, it's just bad.

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