supakoopatroopa's Portal (PC) review

One of the most unique games I've played.

It's a puzzle game with a funny storyline. It may look really hard at first, but they start you off easy and you work your way through harder levels and beyond. And maybe a little beyond that.

When you complete a really hard level, you will think you are so smart, you will feel like a genius. It will make you feel like you actually have a chance with the Companion Cube. But don't lie to yourself just yet, there are more lies to be had.

The graphics are the same as Half Life 2, I don't really see a need for them to be any better than they are. The fact that a decent computer can display some of these near infinite portal loops is pretty impressive.

The game is almost perfect. I beat it a day, playing nonstop into the night. But I didn't feel like it was too short, I knew it was just a little game that came with The Orange Box. It was everything I expected.

There's not much else to say about the game, it's short and sweet, like cake.

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