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Hilarious 'decent' FPS 0

If you ever played the first Postal game, this one is pretty much nothing like it.The game sets you in Paradise, Arizona and asks you to do a bunch of mundane tasks. The thing is, nothing ever seems to go right.Graphics and StuffWhile a bit dated at the point of writing this review, the graphic are pretty good. There are a lot of funny posters and signs to keep things interesting and an impressive amount of different NPC skins. Not a lot to really say about the graphics though.GameplayThe game p...

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What The F*ck? 0

I rarely review PC games, mainly because my laptop can barely hold the Spore creature creator, but Postal 2 was one I couldn’t pass up to exercise my hyperbole skills on. To be frank, there is little to say about it, other than that it’s a game goes beyond the envelope to shock, disgust, and amuse the players with its tween humor and over the top violence. Frankly, the only reason I got it was because I bought the movie on DVD, as each copy comes with the game for the free price of $19.99. The ...

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Waiting in line will never be the same again. 0

Whether it's going to the gas station, or the grocery store, waiting in line will never be same again. Thanks to Postal 2, I will forever struggle with images of pouring gasoline and lighting the line on fire, or running up the line with a shovel, decapitating everyone while making my way to the front of the line. It's experiences like this and more that make Postal 2 quite a memorable, yet unfortunately quick journey.  Though not as controversial as the original Postal, this sequel is still not...

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