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Hilarious 'decent' FPS

If you ever played the first Postal game, this one is pretty much nothing like it.

The game sets you in Paradise, Arizona and asks you to do a bunch of mundane tasks. The thing is, nothing ever seems to go right.

Graphics and Stuff

While a bit dated at the point of writing this review, the graphic are pretty good. There are a lot of funny posters and signs to keep things interesting and an impressive amount of different NPC skins. Not a lot to really say about the graphics though.


The game plays mostly like a typical FPS, you have your guns, melee, and a few miscellaneous weapons and you run around and end up shooting things. Some of the weapons are the typical (Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Grenade), Some are a little off (shovel, seeking rocket launcher, napalm launcher), and some are just bizarre (the cow head comes to mind). The weapon selection is a little lacking, and some of them are virtually useless, but they make the game interesting for a little while longer.

There is a very interesting feature that I love in this game, one I have never seen in any of game. If you get stuck (usually do to collision detection problems) the game will shift around your character a little bit to try and get then loose, if that doesn't work, it teleports you to the closest open area. This works out really well, and it's nice to not have to start a level over because you got stuck in a doorway.

This game is good for one playthrough, maybe two, but urinating on crowds of people and launching cats with your shotgun can only be entertaining for so long.
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