richardg234's Postal III (PC) review

Good but could be better

The Postal series is one of the most controversial on the market. Postal 1 started the ball rolling in 97 and Postal 2 completed the formula in 03 so on paper Postal 3 should be the best but it's not. It's still fun but not as good as Postal 2.

Story: After the events of Postal 2, the Postal Dude has moved to Catharsis and is trying to get a job to get some gas so he can relocate again but when he is involved in a bank robbery he must make a decision to be good or evil.

Gameplay: Postal 3 is a Third-Person Shooter and the shooting feels nice even though aiming leaves a little to be desired. There is free roaming but you can only access it after you have beaten the game.

Graphics: Postal 3 uses the Source Engine and the game looks good despite being a bit dated, the enviroments look nice and some of the interiors look nice.

Sound: The music is the game is very catchy and the voice acting for the most part is good. Cory Cruise does a good job of voicing the Postal Dude and there are celebrities voicing the characters like: Porn star Ron Jeremy, Randy Jones of the Village People and Jennifer Walcott.

Bugs: The game crashes after a couple of hours of play, there is some weird glitches with weapons and NPC's and the friendly AI is awful.

Overall the game is not bad but has a lot of rough edges, I would only recommend it to Postal fans.

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