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Povar, the Veiled One, is the third member of the Triumvirate of Water created by The Nameless to govern this element.  Povar is the embodiment of water in its gaseous state and controls one third of the elemental plane.  Povar has no sex nor is Povar tangible at all.  Povar is the most mysterious of the elemental gods, which is saying alot considering not even the gods of influence and nature can completely comprehend the power of the elemental gods.  Povar cares not at all about the lesser gods and certainly not for mortals.  No historical records speak of Povar ever intervening with the mortal realm.  There are none known to worship Povar directly.


In most lore, Povar is depicted as a swirling cloud of mist with only a notion of facial features.  Mortal eyes have never seen Povar.    

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