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Power Quest is set in a small town where a majority of the citizens have taken up fighting with model robots. When the game begins, the player may chose one of five model robots to battle with. The player then walks around town to find fights at areas like the playground or the school but during the fight the player's control is shifted from the character to the robot. The plot revolves around the protagonist working his way to the number one spot in a large fighting tournament.


When walking around town the camera shows an overworld style view of the player but when a battle is initiated it becomes a standard, one-on-one 2D fighting game. Power Quest contains some weak RPG elements through which, once enough currency is accrued, the player can buy special parts with subsequent upgrades for their model robot which will enhance their fighting capabilities, though eventually the player will be able to equip every upgrade. The game also has a password system in lieu of an actual save system.

Model Robots


A basic robot model that uses punches and simple combos making him a good choice for beginners.


A large model that utilizes strength over speed. He deals more damage and can take more hits than the other models and is favored by most of the villains in the game.


The only female model in the game. As her name suggests, she utilizes speed over strength and uses mostly kicking combos.


The most balanced model when it comes to speed and strength, Axe is a close range fighting robot with some devastating (somewhat "cheap") attacks.


Like Axe, Lon has an equal balance of speed and strength but his attacks are mostly long ranged.


Somewhat of a joke as opposed to a true fighter, Borot looks like a regular Wall-E style robot. Borot cannot jump or block and cannot perform specials. In fact, his only attack is a simple, weak punch.

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