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Power Stone 2 (quick review)


The controls are very basic, solid, simple and intuitive: Jumping, running, hitting, throwing objects, etc. these actions are very easy to execute, also the combos and combinations that can be used to defeat your enemies through the optimal configuration of the game that turns out to be convenient, seamless and easy to handle during the course of the battles.


The graphics are satisfactory and very colourful; the physical appearance of the Power Stone characters and the appearance of the stages have a great and original graphic detail that makes this video game very original, addictive and a "masterpiece".


The background music generates emotion during the course of the battles and is well connected between the actions carried out by each character in this video game. The Japanese voices of the Power Stone characters are great and fit perfectly in the personality of the characters.


The story is quite simple and wonderful, the main intro is spectacular and is widely about it.


This video game is all an adventure, very addictive, a truly perfect 3D fighting arena video game, that will give you a great fighting experience about every aspect; each object and each battle will satisfy you. Just play it with your friends or play this video game all the day, all the week, etc. and you can never get bored with it.

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