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Is your trusty old revolver starting to lose its bravado, or are you tired of your crossbow bolts breaking with the slightest impact? No problem, stop on by a Power to the People machine and give your weapons a much needed upgrade!

Power to the People machines can be found all throughout the underwater dystopia Rapture, and serve as the sole means of upgrading all of your favorite weapons. Each weapon that you acquire has the ability to be upgraded twice, each weapon having its own unique upgrades. However, you can only add one upgrade per Power to the People machine, so making a careful choice can be the difference between life and death in the splicer infested halls of the city. Upon making your selection, the upgrade will be automatically installed to your weapon and the machine will shut down.

Weapons & Upgrades

Below is a list of the weapons in the game as well as the available upgrades and their effects:

Chemical Thrower
Chemical Thrower
Whether spitting ice, fire, or electricity, the Chemical Thrower is a weapon to be reckoned with. First found in Professor Julie Langford's office in Arcadia.
Decreased Consumption: Crucial if you want to use the Chemical Thrower frequently, this upgrade will cut ammo consumption nearly in half.
Increased Range: Useful for dealing with Leadhead and Houdini splicers who have have long-range weapons and plasmids at their disposal, this upgrade will allow your chemical stream to shoot farther.

Though you get limited ammo for the Crossbow, it can be an incredibly deadly and effective tool with the unique ability of being able to zoom and deliver a precise headshot to an unsuspecting splicer. First received from Sander Cohen in Fort Frolic.
Bolt Breakage Decreased: Very useful to a crossbow enthusiast, this upgrade greatly reduces the risk of your steel and fire bolts breaking, allowing you to recover them from your fallen foes. Trap bolts, however, remain unrecoverable.
Increased Damage: Turning the Crossbow into the true sniper weapon of Rapture, this upgrade makes the already punishing crossbow bolts that much more devastating.

Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher
A highly devastating weapon that's great in a bind, the Grenade Launcher allows you to deal death through your choice of frag grenades, proximity mines, or heat-seeking rockets. First received from Peach Wilkins in Neptune's Bounty.
Increased Damage: Not much more exciting than it sounds, this upgrade simply makes things blow up better.
Damage Immunity: Very useful when you find yourself overrun in close-quarters, this upgrade allows you to let loose without the risk of hurting yourself.

Machine Gun
Machine Gun
A solid go-to weapon when you're not quite sure what tool to use for the job, the Machine Gun is a versatile weapon with an array of ammo types capable of dealing with whatever you may come across. First found in emergency access in the Medical Pavilion.
Increased Damage: Yeah, increased damage. Exciting.
Decreased Recoil: Want to just just close your eyes and squeeze the trigger? This upgrade is for you as it makes your weapon more accurate when firing in long bursts.

Your trusty sidearm from the beginning of the game, the pistol is a always a good fall-back when you're running low on ammo. First found in Welcome to Rapture.
Increased Damage: Your bullets do more damage.
Increased Clip Size: Reloading in the middle of a heated battle can often mean certain death. With this upgrade, your clip size quadruples from 6 to 24 rounds, meaning you spend less time reloading and more time killing.

A personal favorite, the shotgun makes quick work of just about any enemy you come across. Combine it with electric buck for Big Daddies or explosive buck for splicers, and the shotgun becomes a powerhouse to be reckoned with. First found in the Medical Pavilion.
Increased Damage: Attach this upgrade and you'll be tearing through splicers like they're not even there.
Increased Rate of Fire: Eliminate the need to pump the shotgun with this upgrade and you'll be able to chew through rooms of splicers in no time.

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