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Pre-LC is a self contained game that either serves as a prologue or as backstory to a retail game in the future. Many companies recently like EA and THQ have been utilizing Pre-LC as ways to hype up upcoming major retail releases. Pre-LC traditionally comes cheaper than many other downloadable games as they serve to hype up another game, not act on their own. Cheaper prices means more people buying the Pre-LC and thus more people aware and interested of the upcoming retail release. 

Types of Pre-LC

There are two major types of Pre-LC:
  • Games that have the same gameplay and concepts as the full upcoming retail game and are almost like glorified demos except for the fact that the environments and situations in the Pre-LC are nowhere in the retail game. One example of this is Dead Rising 2: Case Zero which has gameplay similar to Dead Rising 2, the game it promotes, but the environments and situations in the Pre-LC are nowhere in the full retail release.
  • Games that are still promoting an upcoming retail release, but have totally different gameplay and concepts such as Dead Space: Ignition which is a puzzle game while the full retail game it promotes, Dead Space 2, is a survival horror shooter.

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