Pre-Order store specific DLC might be the worst trend in years.

#1 Posted by Yzzerdd (528 posts) -

Yes I love having weapons/modes/etc  locked out because I didn't want to be bothered by clerks at Gamestop asking me to preorder another game and sell the one I'm buying next week.
Funny how people like to go on about publishers hating Gamestop yet they always give them better content while sites like Amazon get some lame armor.

#2 Posted by DukeTogo (1516 posts) -

In these days of used sales, pirated games, and stocking just enough of a game to keep a low overhead, it's how it needs to be.  I'd like all the stuff that Mass Effect 2 had for various pre-orders, but in hindsight it doesn't really matter that much.  I'd like to see BioWare and others to release a DLC pack that has all of the promotional items in one pack.  I'd pay $5 for the Dr. Pepper, Gamestop, and Steam bits.
As for the publishers, it's a necessary evil, you can't ignore Gamestop when they sell such a large amount of their product.  It hurts them more than the lost sales of used games.

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