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The predator tank is the primary assault vehicle is for the Adeptus Astartes. Based on the Rhino class transport, the Predator comes in various load outs to fit the challenge and terrain it comes in contact with.  Each predator is painted in chapter color corresponding the space marine operating the vehicle.

Load out variants


Predator Destructor

This is a standard predator tank. It comes with a autocannon and 2 heavy bolters and/or lascannons on the sides. This variant is most common among the space marine chapters. This variant is mostly used to deal with infantry.


Predator Annihilator

This Predator comes equipped with a twin lascannon for the main turret  and 2 heavy bolters and/or lascannons on the sides. This variant isn't as common among the space marine chapters but the tanks are reequipped when challenge demands it to be. This type of variant is most suited when the opposition is using heavy transport. 

Baal Predator

This variant is only used among the Blood angles chapter. This predator is uniquly  equipped with heavy assault cannons for the main turret and some equipped with a heavy flamer instead of a bolter or lascannon. This variant is used for closer quarters combat in urban terrain.  The White scars have a same kind of variant but instead of weapons mounted on the side, they have none at all for increased speed.  

Chaos Varient

The chaos verient of the predator doesn't fall under any named type. This version isn't any differnet than the imperium predator tank, expect embracing the blessings of the Emperor, they display markings of chaos. These markings are runes that "blessed" the vehicle with powers from the 4 gods of chaos, Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, and Slaanesh.

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